Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Did Time Fly For Her Too?

Every year, like so many of you, about the time that Christmas rolls around I look back in wonder at a year that has flew by. And I ask, like so many of you, how it could have gone so quickly.

Children were born, cut teeth, turned two ... then three, started school, made the honor roll, got the lead in the school play and, eventually, graduated, got married and started families of their own.

And we were left to look back and wonder how it all happened so fast.

I wonder if is was like that for Mary.
That night, as she held her newborn son - in a barn of all places - did she, like so many of us, look forward to each passing milestone and promise to cherish each and every moment?

And, like in our lives, did the normal every day start to creep in? Did the sleepless nights of life with a brand new baby turn into the craziness of toddler proofing the home? Did she one day look at her son and realize that he just was not a baby anymore?

I wonder what it was like watching her son grow up, knowing that He was also the Son of God.

I mean, she KNEW who he was - the angel had made that clear - so she HAD to know what was in store.

Were the passing moments stored and cherished or did she turn around one day and find a man where her boy had once stood?

I cannot imagine how it felt to see him getting older, stronger, wiser ... all the while knowing that each breath he took brought him closer to the road He was destined to walk...

... and the cross He was determined to bear.

She knew when He was born that His death was imminent.

That it was predetermined.

That it HAD to be.

So, when she held her son that night...

As she watched him learn to walk ...

While she taught him how to talk ...

As she raised HER son ...

Did she cherish each moment knowing that she was holding, watching, teaching and raising God?

Or, did time fly for Mary too?

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Home For Christmas

(our 2012 Christmas card)

Cards have been sent and (a few) presents have been bought.  I can hardly believe we have just over 2 weeks left til the big day!  WOW!

This year we did things a little differently and, instead of traditional cards with a letter tucked in the envelope, we mailed out postcards!!  And on the back we included a link to a Christmas letter. 

(just in case you're interested, click HERE to see the letter)

We quickly ran out of postcards - I could only order them in lots of 100 - so we have had to order some picture cards to make up the difference. Makes me kinda sad cause I LOVE the post cards!!!

Ah well ... it is what it is.  

I LOVE running out to the mailbox this time of year. Usually it means bills and junk mail, but at Christmas it means letters and pictures and WONDERFUL messages.