Friday, March 6, 2009

Bring On The Spring

Two posts in one day, but I could not resist!

It is sooooo nice out today that the girls and I had a little outdoor fun. They really probably did not even need these jackets, but I am a little crazy like that. We all had a blast and I took about a kajillion and 12 pictures ...

Here are just a few:

While Sophie took her nap, Hattie enjoyed the outdoors through the open window. She looked so stinkin' beautiful with the wind dancing in her hair, I could not resist taking this shot. Sadly, it came out a little weird so I had to edit it a little. I love that you can barely make out her sweet nose and those killer long eyelashes!
LOVE this kid!!!

Once we made it outside, she blew some bubbles and drew on the sidewalk - Here she is making a rainbow. She knew what she wanted to draw and was so proud when it came out the way she wanted!!!

And Sophie just wanted to run ... and run ... and run ...
I think she's gonna be my wild child!
Don't ya just love when God sends you a little surprise like a lovely day in the middle of March (we don't get em often here in the frozen North!!)
I hope your day was just as lovely!!!!!

Whole Lotta Nothin'

We have had a busy week here in B manor ... Some good busy-ness and some not so good. It all started last Friday ...

Hattie had had a restless night and, although she had slept, I could tell she had not really slept well. I woke up around six when Hubbs was getting ready for work. She usually starts stirring around 6:30, but I didn't hear a sound up there - and it was the first time all night that I could tell she was deeply asleep. I decided to giver her until 7 and if she wasn't up yet, I would call her in absent for school. At about five minutes till I heard her getting sick. YUCK! So, I called her in and then put her in the shower and cleaned her up. No fever, and after about an hour she was acting fine. So I was thinking that the girl was already learnin' to play me!

She is gonna be a FUN teenager!!!

Since we had learned, the day before, that we did not get the house we had wanted, we decided it was time to start looking again. We had definitely decided that we want to stay in the school district and there just has not been a lot available in this area. SO, we made arrangements to look at 3 condos and a house on Saturday afternoon. However, by Saturday morning, all but the smallest condo had already been rented.

We did go look at that condo and kinda liked it. It was small, but very well laid out and had a basement. However, it was the middle unit (meaning we would share walls on BOTH sides) and only had two bedrooms (meaning the girls would share a room) and had the smallest kitchen I have EVER seen, so it was far from ideal. See, we have loud kids, and by loud, I mean L.O.U.D!!!!!! I do not think that I, in my pre-parent days, would have wanted to share a wall with us! Also, both girls have sleep issues, so sharing a room is not my preference. At ALL!!! But, we kinda feel like we need to know where we are gonna go - for a few reasons, one being our own peace of mind and another being we need to come up with an educational plan for Hattie, so we decided that we would do the condo - it's only a rental and only for a year or two...

Meanwhile, while we are at the condo, I look at Hattie and notice that she does NOT look good ... Yep, she was now running a fever. And she was GRUMPY! Beyond Grumpy! ARGH!!! So we go home and decide to camp out there for the weekend. However later that evening our agent (Cheri) call us about a house that she just learned about. We decide to look at it and after a few phone calls she has made arrangements to see it on Sunday. Since we can't take sick kids to church anyway ...

Oh, did you notice that I said kidS? Yeah, Sophie now has the faucet nose and is coughing ...

Annnndddd, the hits just keep on comin'!

So Sunday morning we have no fever and the nose is fine so we go to the house - all of us. We like the house a lot so we make a verbal agreement and decide to meet up on Fri. to sign paperwork and put down our deposit (the owner is out of town all week, so it ahs to wait til Fri.). Then we head home and by the time we get there, the fever, it has returned ... along with the nasty nose.

So, I kept Hattie home Mon., Tues., Wed. & Thurs. and she FINALLY went back to school today. She probably could have gone yesterday, but was still not really eating and was the grumpiest kind of grumpy known to mankind, so I thought I should spare her teachers. This, however, meant that I had to miss Bible Study - and I HATE it when that happens. It also means that, by this point, if I have to watch one more episode of the Backyardigans, Wonderpets or Olivia the pig this week, I will throw MYSELF in front of a truck!!! Seriously, I am OK with these shows for the most part, but a girl can only take so much ...

So, for the sake of my entire family, today has been a self declared DIY Network day around these parts. I now know all ya need to know about fixing a drywall hole and or tiling a bathroom. I could totally get a job at Home Depot, if, ya know, there were any jobs to be had at Home Depot ... But I AM completely qualified, thanks to DIY!!!

And so, tonight, we will sign and pay deposits on the rental house and then the man and me are going on a DATE! And I am pretty stinkin' excited about that.

'Cause I sure do like that boy.

Oh, yes I do!!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

I Heart Faces - Beginner's Mess

It's Messy Faces week over at I Heart Faces ... it's also a special week with a Beginner's Category. This photo qualifies on both counts. Sophie is soooooooo messy here (her very first blueberry breakfast bar) - right down to the eyelash near her eye and the drool dripping from her lip and chin!

And I am sooooooooo a "beginner" in the photographer department! But I am having so much fun learning!!

I hope you enjoy this shot, and I hope you head over to I Heart Faces to see more messy faces ... or maybe even enter your own!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Project 365 - Week 9

Project 365

Well, here we are again ... another week has gone by and I have the pictures to prove it!!!

Feb. 23 - This is my sweet niece Savannah's birthday!! We love ya Rosebud :) Also, we had to take a little trip to the store ... this pic shows you how Sophie feels about being cold. Yeah, not so much a fan.

Feb. 24 - Sweet Hattie Grace's 5TH birthday ... and here she is in all of her crown & pink feather boa glory. OUR birthday tiara broke, but fortunately her teachers provided a crown. And she has worn this thing every day since!!!

Feb. 25 - My April Lei Lei's birthday ... yeah, lots of b-days this month!!! And I learned a very important lesson: ALWAYS put the liner in the bottle before attempting to fill it with milk.

(Also, NEVER take the time to find the camera before cleaning it up, unless ya want to clean the floor too!!!)

Feb. 26 - This was my view for most of the day ... lots of quality time spent with the steering wheel! Oh, JOY!!

Feb. 27 - THis is a scene unseen in quite some time ... the back yard with NO SNOW WHATSOEVER to be found!!!

And 10 minutes after I took this shot, it started snowing.


Feb 28 - Here is Sophie doin' her thang. Girlfriend likes to bust a move, here she is bustin it with none other than Shrek, Fiona, Donkey and the rest of the crew on the Karaoke Dance Party.

Well, there is our week ... check out Sara's bloggy goodness to see more!!!

So, how was YOUR week?