Friday, March 6, 2009

Bring On The Spring

Two posts in one day, but I could not resist!

It is sooooo nice out today that the girls and I had a little outdoor fun. They really probably did not even need these jackets, but I am a little crazy like that. We all had a blast and I took about a kajillion and 12 pictures ...

Here are just a few:

While Sophie took her nap, Hattie enjoyed the outdoors through the open window. She looked so stinkin' beautiful with the wind dancing in her hair, I could not resist taking this shot. Sadly, it came out a little weird so I had to edit it a little. I love that you can barely make out her sweet nose and those killer long eyelashes!
LOVE this kid!!!

Once we made it outside, she blew some bubbles and drew on the sidewalk - Here she is making a rainbow. She knew what she wanted to draw and was so proud when it came out the way she wanted!!!

And Sophie just wanted to run ... and run ... and run ...
I think she's gonna be my wild child!
Don't ya just love when God sends you a little surprise like a lovely day in the middle of March (we don't get em often here in the frozen North!!)
I hope your day was just as lovely!!!!!

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sara said...

Isn't spring wonderful?!!! the pictures are can feel the energy and fun!