Monday, March 28, 2011

Sophie's Turn

I messed up ...

I'm not proud of that fact, but, tis true.

You see, as I was editing Hattie's seven year pictures and placing them in the appropriate folders, I realized that I had never done Sophie's THREE year portraits.

Ummm ... Sophie turned three is September.

SEPTEMBER!!!!! (i am ashamed)

So, I promptly dressed my girl up and remedied the situation...

While Sweet Alexis napped, the Sophster and I took a wee walk outside.

Now, it was not the most pleasant of atmospheres ...

... as we had just had a bit of rain.

But, in the frozen tundra in March, we will TAKE the rain!!!

My sweet girl, decked out in her "colka-dots" - all the way down to her rain boots - had.a.BALL!

She danced, twirled, splashed and strolled her way even further into my heart.

(as well as the hearts of any who may have been looking out their windows, I am sure)

Because, I ask you ...

... really ...

... who could not love this face?

No, seriously ... who?