Monday, March 28, 2011

Sophie's Turn

I messed up ...

I'm not proud of that fact, but, tis true.

You see, as I was editing Hattie's seven year pictures and placing them in the appropriate folders, I realized that I had never done Sophie's THREE year portraits.

Ummm ... Sophie turned three is September.

SEPTEMBER!!!!! (i am ashamed)

So, I promptly dressed my girl up and remedied the situation...

While Sweet Alexis napped, the Sophster and I took a wee walk outside.

Now, it was not the most pleasant of atmospheres ...

... as we had just had a bit of rain.

But, in the frozen tundra in March, we will TAKE the rain!!!

My sweet girl, decked out in her "colka-dots" - all the way down to her rain boots - had.a.BALL!

She danced, twirled, splashed and strolled her way even further into my heart.

(as well as the hearts of any who may have been looking out their windows, I am sure)

Because, I ask you ...

... really ...

... who could not love this face?

No, seriously ... who?

4 of ya left some love:

The Bug said...

Oh she is SUCH a cutie!

Christie said...

How sweet is she! Oh, by the way, we mom's don't mess up! We get caught up in those priceless moments known as a/the present!
Blessings to you and your beautiful family!

Aron and Erica said...

You captured her sweet, bubbly self so wonderfully! She is a treasure! Love her. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Hi BeckyJo,

I wanted to write and tell you thank you for your kind and
loving words to me. Out of all the comments written, yours
was the one that I could hear the Spirit of Christ...all others
as well intentioned they meant to be, were of the soul. Yes,
I agree with you that many within "siestaville" have been
blessed and have encouraged one another IN HIM and I
give Christ Jesus all the praise and glory...He alone.
Holy Spirit shielded me from all the comments written until
I had posted my reply to Melissa's comment... always
amazes me how He leads and prompts....for what He had
me write was as if I had read all the other comments but I had not.
There were some really stinging and hateful
comments...."void of Christ", ..."left your first
love",...."envious",..."satan's lie"....all I can say is wow, so that was siestaville?

All of these comments were said to me
because I wrote that I am grieved by social media, the
ego, talking of self, the earthiness of it all?....and then
stated that Christ Jesus is the only one who deserves the
preeminence, that our conversation should always be in sad that there wasn't more "siestas" that
would at least agree with the statement that Christ Jesus
should have the preeminence...not even a selah....nope,
just a ganging up on and coming to the defence of their
soul siesta... oh yes, these are hard words for the soul to
hear...the soul loves the accolades, the flattery, and will get
very touchy when it is even hinted at that it is talking too much of self and not giving the preeminence to the Lord Jesus.

Unfortunately, the talking of self is so pervasive in Christendom, for so many have bought into the conversation *style* of the world...facebook, twitter, always asking "tell me what matters to YOU, tell me what YOU like, tell me what is on YOUR mind"....NO! The only questions that we need to be asking is "Lord, what is YOUR will, what is on YOUR mind, what does YOUR heart feel, ect." Only those who have ears to hear can even receive that truth...
I left my blessing twice, and neither time was it
reciprocated by Melissa or anyone else except you.

It was not easy, nor fun for me to write what was laid on
my heart to, I take no joy in bringing a hard truth to the
Body, and whether people believe it or not it was from a heart of love, I am not my own, I go where I am sent, and my tongue is yielded to Him. Just as Melissa said that she
"makes no apologies for sharing MY life" ....I too make no
apologies for having love for HIS LIFE and wanting only
His life to be given the preeminence in all things...for the
Christ Body to continually minister His life to one another
and to the set our affections on those things ABOVE
and not on the things of this earth.

As mentioned above I was quickened by Holy Spirit to
you...His life within you...for I heard the Spirit through you...
oh yes, and I heard through others many other
spirits...condemnation, self pity, self promotion, pride, ect.
Thank you for your love and blessing...please know that I
did receive it and truly felt it. I will not be going back to
siestaville unless the Father directs me I am His
vessel to use how He desires.

Please know that this post is for you to see, it is up to you if you want to share it publically.
I have been in prayer and continue to through it all and only want His best in the lives of my brothers and sisters... for Christ to be fully formed in each of our lives. I desire this with my innermost being...for He is so worthy of our ALL!
To the Father be praised for His precious gift of Jesus!
His love, peace, grace, mercy and joy to you!