Sunday, January 9, 2011

Project 365 - Week 2

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So, I know that it's "Week 2", but seein as how it's days 2-8 of the year, it just don't seem right! But, here we are...

It is 10 minutes til 10PM, so I am just gonna dive on in. Buckle up!

Sunday: We took the family to see Tangled - LOVED IT! But, of course the pic I took with my cell phone didn't turn out, so... THIS is what we get!

A sweet family from church have given us BAGS of clothes as their daughter, sweet Olivia, out grows them. This day's treats held a bike helmet. Sophie was too excited to get dressed once this little puppy came out.

(This pic is SERIOUSLY cropped cause the hubbs was NOT wantin his baby girl on the world wide web in her undies!)

Monday: Passion Live 2011 ... Rocked.My.World. I watched as much as I could online and was soooooo Blessed. Hubby ended up buying me the pass to download the messages. I cannot wait til they are available!!

In this moment Christy Nockles was singing a song that I bawled through. I REALLY cannot wait til the CD comes out. SO good!!

Tuesday: Eli ... love him. He wants to walk sooooo bad. And he is not even CLOSE to a year yet. Such a sweet thing!

Wednesday: It was just starting to snow - some big 'ol fat daddy flakes. I opened the back door to take a picture and this one slipped past me to get out there. This is her victory celebration dance combined with trying to catch some flakes on her tongue. I just REALLY wish you could see how BIG the flakes were. They were few and far between, but they were ginormous!

Thursday: Bedtime came and I realized I still had no picture for the day. So, THIS is daddy giving the manicures. It is his job, because he is faster - thus a LOT less screaming. Hattie HATES getting her fingers done. Toes are OK, cause there is the promise of a pretty pedicure, but hands are NOT fun!

Friday: Hattie ... eating cereal ... and drinkin OJ. NOT Sunny D, but REAL orange juice. And she is NOT complaining. If you know Hattie and her food issues, you know that this is huge. In fact, it was a huge WEEK food wise. She ate meatloaf one night and spaghetti another (she doesn't like either), both without a single complaint.

Praise HIM!!!

Saturday: Snow angels ... made by happy girls. Thank you Olivia for the snow suits and Grandma & Grandpa M. for the boots. They are treasured!!

Sunday: Snowflakes frozen to the window on the way to church. Taken by my NEW cell phone with a much better camera. I still have no internet access (we refuse to play the data fees), but it has a MUCH better camera, video capabilities and I got a SMOKIN deal on it! WooHoo!!

Well, that was our week in a nutshell!!

Thank you Sarah for hosing us. You are wonderful!

(Please, do not judge on the typos ... I am in a hurry ...)

How was YOUR week?