Sunday, February 12, 2012


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Week 6 ... we were supposed to start the moving process this week, but our closing was delayed.  Hopefully NEXT week, you will be bombarded with pictures of the new house!!!!

But here is how THIS week went down ...

Sunday - OK, I admit it, I did not get a pic for this day.  The assignment was "10:00am" and, at 10am this day, I was singing at church on the praise team.  So, the PLAN was to take a picture of 10am THIS week.  But this week I am stuck here where Hubby was LAST week at 10am ...

Stuck on the couch with a belly ache.

Monday - "Dinner" ... but, I gotta tell ya, this was actually lunch.  And I only have THIS shot cause I was messin with my camera and trying to get funky shots of some of my coca cola stuff for my new kitchen!!!
Tuesday - I have no idea what the assignment was, but this was the only pic I took all day.  The girls were at the table talking about Jonah & the Whale.  Hattie was writing about it in her prayer journal and Soph wanted to try but I had already put her book away. I handed her this card, she asked Hattie how to spell it and she wrote it all out by her self!!!

So proud of my brilliant little pre-schooler!!
Wednesday - "The Sun" - I love the way it shines through her messy curls!
Also on Wed., sweet Alexis became a big sister!!  She came to our house in the wee hours of the morning and had a sleep over.  When they posted this pic on facebook I pulled it up big, she saw it and was immediately in love. She kept saying "Hi Baby! Hi!!" and every time I took the picture down she pointed at the computer and asked for her "baby" back.

I think she is in LOVE!!!
Thursday - "Front Door" - this may not be our door for long, but this guy has been around for years, hanging on every door we have had.  HE is comin with is!!!
Friday - "Self Portrait" - THIS is Hattie's self portrait. It includes the whole family!  Even the cat!
And this is mine ... trust me, you do NOT want to see what I looked like on Friday night.  I was trying to take a pic of my reflection blurred in the glass on the china cabinet. But I forgot to turn off the flash and this is what I got before the battery died.  I kinda like the effect though ... kinda...

Saturday - "Happy" - This does that for me ...
... one sweet girl in braids that take on a life (and a little curl!!) all their own ...
... and TWO sweet girls who have found their very best friend ...
... in each other!!

(please forgive the "it's winter, my skin is dry and I have a rash from licking my lips - and beyond" mustache that my Hattie is sportin!!!)

So ... how was YOUR week?!