Saturday, November 16, 2013


**I stayed in my pajamas til I absolutely HAD to change so I could go to a photo shoot.

**I took pictures of an AMAZING family ... but even they can get a little silly.

**I came home and IMMEDIATELY put the pajamas right back on.

**We had a family date night.

**We went to Sonic and yes, I wore my pajamas.

**I am just kinda chill like that!

**I cried.  Because it has been SO long since I've worked out.

**I wondered "who is this person that I have become???"

**(secretly, I am kinda proud of her!)

**I determined that, since my ear only semi hurts today, I am working out on Monday, even if it explodes!


**I squealed when I worked on some of the pictures for OUR Christmas card.

**SOOOOOOOOO excited about this one!

**I fell even more in love with the man I married when he vacuumed the stairs for me.

**He is my rock.

Today ... was a very good day.

1 of ya left some love:

Susan said...

I was in my jammies all day, also...then put on a pair of workout pants and a tee-shirt because Wild Boy's girl was coming over. Couldn't wait to get back in my jammies! I didn't leave the house yesterday and it. was. heaven! Love you!