Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What A Weekend

We had a lovely weekend. Three whole days with Daddy home always makes the mommy a happy camper, and that sentiment seems to be felt by the girlies as well. Which also makes the mommy a happy camper. A happy-er camper, if you will!

Saturday was mostly a work day - getting the yard ready for Sophie's b-day party this coming weekend, laundry, cleaning, etc... However, Hubby did manage to have a date with his girl. He took Hattie on a few of his errands and then took her for a milkshake and playdate at McDonald's. She LOVED it, as always, and I think Daddy enjoyed it himself. I love that he will be the first dates that our girls will have. He is teaching them how they should be treated by a man and respected on a date and I love that they are learning from the best. He is such a great dad!!!! AND a great husband. We are, all three, lucky girls!

Saturday evening we had family fun time and stayed up a little later than we intended. We have been working to get Hattie ready for school hours and had spent the week getting her up earlier and earlier so that she would go down earlier as well. And in one day we ruined it. On Sunday, as is a rare occasion, Hubby and I had nothing to do at church. Neither of us was up for worship team or sound or drama or ANYTHING! So, we decided to go to second service, which means sleeping in! However, BOTH girls also slept in and we ALL woke up too late for even second service!!!!!! OOPS! How often does that happen? Never, I tell ya!

Saturday evening we went to Aunt Weezer's house for a pool party. The girls LOVE the pool in a very big way. However, Hattie does not like going under water. After doing so she attempted to climb to the top of my head to avoid the water all together. She eventually decided that the steps were OK - as long as everybody left her alone. Sophie swam like a champ though, even went under water a few times and it was all OK. After a rousing game of water volleyball, in which hubby was the conquering hero (as always), mommy got to enjoy a rousing game of 31/Blitz. Usually they play for quarters, but they must have been feeling a bit rich, cause they went for DOLLARS this time. I had to borrow my three dollars from Madison ... an 8Th grader!!! However, I did win!!! After giving Madison her $3 back, I walked away with EIGHTEEN DOLLARS! Oh, friends, that is a haircut (with my trusty coupon)!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!

Suddenly it was almost 10 o'clock and, again, the girls were still up! Oops. So we took 'em home and straight to bed! And they both - which means all of us - slept in again Monday morning! As nice as it was, I was worried about the whole school thing! However, after another work/play day, we went to Weezer's house AGAIN and swam in the pool AGAIN. So, two times in Weezer's pool and two times I forgot the camera. Good job mom! However, Weezer (AKA Melissa) IS our family photographer, so she had us covered!!!! However, she is old school and works with FILM instead of digital, so we have to wait for development! Ugh!!!

We did have the girls in bed by 8:30 last night, and in some strange twist of fate, they both woke up early this morning, so we are back on schedule for school starting tomorrow!!!! Oh, who am I kidding with the "twist of fate" thing. It is an act of God - who cares about even the small things! Thank You Lord, for Your awesomeness!!!! Oh, the love and mercy You bring! We are so very Blessed!

Pictures are coming soon!!!

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