Thursday, May 8, 2008

Big Fat Bummer!

My man and my boys left for hunting this morning. I miss 'em already.

Sophie is running a fever. I am fairly sure it is teething, but I am watching her close.

Hattie and I had a run in tonight when she dumped a bucket of toys all over the floor and did NOT want to clean 'em up. Seeing as how her therapist and I had just discussed "follow through" this afternoon, I had to MAKE her do it. I hate being the bad guy.

The good stuff:
H and I made up afterward and drowned our sorrows in ice cream.

Sophie is very cuddly when she doesn't feel good - and mama loves herself a good cuddle.

My man called about an hour after leaving to tell me he missed me and loves me. Boy howdy, that guy can make me feel special.

I got out of bed all by myself this morning - the first time since the accident. Also, the bruises are getting that yellow/green ugly look, which usually means they are going away.

So, I guess the good outweighs the bad. I have so very much to be thankful for - God has Blessed me in more ways than I could ever count or express.

I will pull one of Hubby's shirts out of the laundry to wear to bed and lay my head down on my pillow tonight knowing that, even though the pillow next to mine is empty, I am never alone. I have a Father in Heaven that NEVER leaves or forsakes me. I may get lonely without my Prince Charming, but I am not alone - not with my God right here.

I pray you know that He is with you too.

1 of ya left some love:

The B's said...

I posted and something happened and I lost it so I have to start over. Sorry to hear about your accident. Hadn't read your blog in a few days so I had to scroll down with bated breath to see what had happened. I have a co-worker that has a son with autism and one with asberger's. Evidently a cat can be a good companion but it has to be trained.
NOW GET READY. I am fixin' to post.