Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Up On The Roof

So, Monday was spent trying to get someone to our house to fix the roof. Seems there was quite a bit of storm damage in our area - some people did not get their power back on til Tuesday!!! So, needless to say the roof dudes were just a tad busy. So, we finally got a call around 7PM and they were gonna come over. 'Cause more rain was coming that night. And seeing as how we were looking at bare plywood up there, and they did NOT want to cover water damage in our home as well, they were gonna at least patch it, by golly!!!

They got here around 8:30 and by that time the rain had begun AND it was getting dark. But they climbed up there anyway! So, now I have men with flashlights, metal hammers and various tools and metal stuff to hold down the tar paper walking around on the TOP OF MY HOUSE in a thunderstorm ... complete with lightning!!

I asked my man to out there and talk to those boys about Jesus. 'Cause I did not want someone dying on my roof, especially if they were not gonna go to Heaven!!!

I mentioned power outages around town. These included some of the school district buildings. So school was canceled. NOW, Hattie didn't have school on Monday and yesterday was supposed to be her last day. So I got her up and dressed and had her waiting at the door for the bus. And waiting. And waiting. Then, being the quality parent that we all know I am (not), I checked the TV. Schools closed. Apparently they were closed Monday too, and I was unaware. So, now we get to do it all again tomorrow. 'Cause that is her NEW last day of school.

Here is a preview of Hattie's First Last Day Of School!!!

Waiting patiently

Patience wearing thin

Maybe there is NO SCHOOL!!!!

Seriously, where is that bus?

And, my personal favorite ...

Man, I love that girl!!

Well, we are off to get ready for our day at the beach with our buddies Owen, Mrs. Cheri, and maybe (hopefully) Mrs. Kathy, Evy and Jerzey!!!!

2 of ya left some love:

Fran said...

That is just too cute. I hope today has been a good day though.
And, please hurry up and finish school....that is just wrong to be going into June like this! ;)


Kelli said...

Hope Hattie has a great real first last day of school today.