Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Blustery Day

We had a little excitement around here today. First of all, we had church. And it was GOOD! Worship rocked, the sermon was great (GO ANDY!!!) and the girls were in very good spirits. So, we decided to go for lunch and then I was gonna take Hattie for a haircut. So we get to the restaurant and I look at Hattie and she does NOT look good. Now, 15 minutes earlier she was running around the church, playing and being social, but now... I could see it was about to get ugly. We skipped the haircut and came straight home. She walked in the house, passing two bathrooms, the laundry room AND the kitchen, walked over all of the hardwood floor and onto our expensive rug and ... puked. AAAGGGGHHHH!!! I ran her to the bathroom with her "letting loose" the entire way. By the time we got there she spit into the toilet and was done. That's my girl!

I took her temp, and it was 102!!! YIKES! I got her cleaned up and she retired to the couch in her Barbie pj's and snuggled up with her Little Mermaid blankie. (And yes, my little tomboy is discovering the girlie side of life!)

So, there we are quietly watching NASCAR when all of a sudden the Emergency Alert thing goes off on the TV and the warning sirens start going off outside. Now, since living here we have had warnings before - so much that it is really nothing to even get excited about. But this was different. We look out the window and it is going nuts out there! We grab the girls and a bottle for Sophie and we are off to the basement. Now, our basement is unfinished, so it is a mess, but we had a swing and some toys and a TV, so we were good.

Here is a look at how we spent our time:

At first Sophie was a little dismayed at the swiftness of our descent into the basement.

But then we brought out the bucket o' fun ...

... and she was good to go!

My wonderful hubby let his little girl open up a tornado warning beauty shop!!

Then she spent some time trying to asses the possible damage occurring outside.

So, after a few minutes, everything blew over and, it turns out, we did NOT have an actual tornado. We did, however, have some serious wind. Which did do it's share of damage ...

... fortunately, we only lost a few branches off of our trees, a few shingles off of our roof and the flag off of our pole (and, oh yeah, and our pole too!). As far as we know, no one was hurt. Hubby's sis lost some shingles too. There was more damage to a few houses in town and downed power lines etc..., but over all everything is OK.

Thank You. Father God, for Your protection and Your shield. We are truly humbled by Your power and the care that you give us.

3 of ya left some love:

Milk Mama said...

Thank goodness it was just a few shingles!!! I'm glad everyone was ok!

Kelli said...

Hey BeckyJO- check out my blog to see what we did during tonights storm!

And- you know Hattie was very cuddly with me during class this morning. I thinking she was just warming up to me- I'm pretty bummed to find out in reality she was sick. :( I hope she's feeling all better now.

Aron, Erica, & Isabelle said... about straightline wind.
Thank you God for keeping everyone safe!