Friday, April 9, 2010

Splish Splash - A Dripping Wet Tale of Fun

It started out innocently enough, just two girls in a tub.

One playing with a duck princess ...

... one practicing her letters.

Just two little angels takin a bath ...
... gettin clean ...
... and minding their own business.

Completely innocent ... or so it would seem.

When, suddenly, as if they had but one mind, they simultaneously got wild looks in their eyes.
And that is where it all began.

It started with a small kick.

But then it got bigger.

And wetter.

Until, I finally realized that, as their mama, I had lost all control!
(But, really, when have I ever really HAD control?)

(Yeah, that would be never ...)

Then I looked at the wall and thought, wow ... glad those drips are coming down in the general area of the tub and not out here!

But, oh ... I was so very wrong.

I had seriously underestimated the splash capacity of my sweet, innocent, darling girls.

But, really, what kind of mama would I be if I made them stop havin this much fun?

(The kind who does not need to now do an entire load of towels because it took FIVE of them to clean this up ... that's what kind!)

Ahhh ... I LOVE being a mama!

2 of ya left some love:

Meeghan said...

OMG so cute. What a great mom for letting them have so much's only water right?

Michelle V said...

So cute! Love the pics! And I remember those days with two little boys!

Michelle V