Saturday, April 10, 2010

Project 365 - Week 15

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I have been a MUCH better blogger this week ... let's see if we can keep it up.

(and as I finished typing that last sentence, I realized that I STILL have not posted the Easter pictures yet ... So, while I have been a BETTER blogger, alas, I have not really been a great blogger ... but I have goals, y'all!)

This was Hattie's spring break. I was excited because last week was simply beautiful.

Then, this week arrived.

And it got cold.


So we chose to hang close to home and just relax. And, here is how it went down...

March 5 - Hat Head - The girls got new outfits in their Easter baskets, including new hats. And Sophie REFUSES to wear hers facing forward. It goes on backward or not at all.

March 6 - What's Up Doc? - The girls have really taken an interest in the doctor kit lately. Not sure why, but I love to watch them. They take turns giving each other check ups. The best part is when they pull the stethoscope out and tell the other one to "breathe deep" ... love it!

March 7 - This is what the floor looks like for the majority of their waking hours ... I clean it up, they pull everything right back out. I pretty much have given up. But they know that when bedtime comes, every last toy goes right back in the toy box.

March 8 - Wiggle - Hattie has her first loose tooth. Any day now we will have a big toothless grin as our picture of the day.

March 9 - Cracked up - I have NO idea how she did it, but Sophie managed to crack this cup right down the middle.

Skillz, I tell ya ... the girl has skillz!

March 10 - Mama Kim - We had a lunch date with Sophie's birth mom. We are so thankful for her sacrifice and her choice to Bless us with our sweet girl.

And, still no toothless picture. I have NO idea how she made it through dinner with that thing in tact. It is barely hangin in there!

So ... how was YOUR week?

7 of ya left some love:

sara said...

I love seeing all the pictures of your sweet girls!!!!

pulling teeth was a favorite of mine!! Even the neighbor kids would come over and have me pull their teeth!!

rita said...

So great that you can bless Sophie's birth mom!
Have you heard of Sherrie Eldridge? Look her up online. Her books would bless both of you.

Tori said...

Wiggly teeth...exciting!
The hand picture is precious.
Our floor looks like that all the time too...except every last toy never gets back in the box here!!
Have a great week!!

Lisa said...

I can't believe Sara LIKES pulling teeth... I wish she lived closer!

Youve got a strong little girl to crack that cup!

So, you held a plank pose for over 3 min??!!

Elizabeth said...

I love the hands picture!

Rebecca Jo said...

I loved doctor kits too... & those were the cheesy ones of the 70's! They have to be pretty amazing now! I'd wanna play with it still!

Love a wiggly tooth!

Love the small hand giving a high five... so precious!

The Bug said...

Ball caps really bug me too - I have a sort of small head so I can never see around the bill of the cap. I should start wearing them backward LOL.

Love the hand picture - very sweet. And it's good that Mama Kim can be part of your lives.