Monday, February 25, 2008

Birthday Party In Pictures!

Every party needs a theme and this one was ...

The Backyardigans!!!! 'Cause that's the show we love so much - at the least the one choice that Mommy could find in the GIRL b-day section of the party store!! Otherwise it woulda been Diego or Cars!

Hattie waited very patiently while we got ready to sing.

She got so excited to blow the candle out, she didn't even let us finish singing!!!

After singing it was present time - we had to let the pizza, chips, dip and other foods of the "junk" variety, that all of the uncles let her eat, settle!!!

Here is just some of the crowd:

Here she is with Nicole who let her share in the magic that is The Spice Girls (we won't talk about what mommy thinks of the spice girls!!!). The girl was getting her groove on ... wish I had video!

Finally ... Let 'em eat cake!!!

An activity that she shared with the 'Yardigan buddies

She really didn't want the festivities to end, after the cake was served and eaten and the plate was taken away, Hattie decided she needed a little more. So, being the self sufficient and independent four year old that she is, she grabbed the spatula and served herself!!!

And the party didn't end there... apparently all of the junk food (thank you for the bag of chips and gallon of onion dip, chips and cheese dip, fritos and Doritos uncles!!) didn't get along with the pizza and cake in her tummy! Mommy had a surprise when she went to get Hattie up this morning!

I don't think I will show you pictures of that!

However, Nothin' beats a warm bubble bath first thing in the morning!

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Kate said...

haa haa haa ... gotta love clean up time!

Sorry I've been ignoring everyone. School is rough...I was in the middle of 4 classes and had to drop one (bummer, it was the one the company was paying for). Anyway, my niece went into the hospital for a routine outpatient surgery and ended up with a body full of bile. So, after work and between studies, I was at the hospital for a few days, and my niece has a 6 month old, so I was being mom to my niece & her baby. Her mom rushed out from Kansas, but could only stay one day...which was nice...sort of...I had a house full, my sis, one sick niece, one recoving niece just home from the hospital with thingies (drain pipes I call them) still hanging from her body, and one baby. Then my other sister (from my adopted family) ended up in the ER having contractions (but she's not pregnant) and had to leave her boys at church, so I had to pick them 9 year old and one 5 year old...the 9 yr is kind of special needs and the only way I know how to handle him is with a rope and a pad Actually, he was incredibly sweet because the baby was there and he was just enthralled with her.
My sis is now loaded up on morphine, but my mom is coming out to care for her family...sweet! And my great niece ended up with an infection in the cyst on her thyroid...I'm not a mom...I have no clue what to look for, her mom noticed her face was a bit puffy and her cyst was the size of a ping-pong ball. I had "a moment" or two. Wooo, can't handle all this right now. I'm behind on my homework now and I have to leave work early today to get my niece to the doctor so she can have her drain pipes removed (hopefully).
~On a brighter side...I absolutely LOVE waking Anika up in the morning and putting her down in the's OUR time...she reaches up to touch my face before she dozes off. She is the happiest baby even when she isn't feeling well with huge lumps in her neck (I think she forgives me). I love the way she smells (most of the, and it will be a bitter-sweet parting when her mommy is better.
Thanks for shooting me a little hello...nice to know you're still in touch. It may be another week before I can post again, but I will try to keep up.
Thanks for the's greatly appreciated!
Sorry this was so long...just happen to be at lunch right now.