Saturday, March 1, 2008

Official Member Of PCPA

Hello, I am (turns head to the side in utter shame and humiliation)....*big breath*.... a Pretty Cell Phone Addict. It has been seven days since my last pretty cell phone.
And this is where you all clap and cheer for me and tell me how proud of me you are and encourage me to keep up with the program. And I really do appreciate that encouragement, but I must say that I have spent enough time in the pit that is this addiction to know that I do not want to go back .... at least not until the lovely people at Verizon can assure me that the "pretty" phones will also bring to the table, well, ya know ... SERVICE!!!!!
Now, truly, I do not mean to knock Verizon ... we are extremely happy with the service we receive. Hubby is one of the only one of his buddies and brood that can actually get a call out on his cell up where they go hunting (this makes the lonely wife at home oh so happy) so we cannot complain about any of that. However, almost five years and five phones later (I know, that so does not fit in with the "new in two" policy ... let's just say that I have a very cooperative and understanding man that has NOT had a new phone in a while!!!) I have determined that the makers of the pretty phones - mostly the ones that start with an "m" and end with "oterola" - are not necessarily makers of the "charge the battery and have it last/survive children and busy mom/in the back pocket when you fall on the ice and survive/actually WORK for two whole years" phones ... not that I am bitter in any way! They just aren't.
However, because Jesus loves me, all hope is not lost.... I did my research this time. I read all of the reviews and PAID ATTENTION this time. I looked into every complaint that was to be had by the customers who reviewed the phones this time. AND, I actually sought out reviews by Verizon customers this time. And this time I picked a phone for the way it works and not the way it looks. I picked the phone I wanted, we treked to the Verizon store and ... did I mention that Jesus loves me ... it comes in RED!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah ... He loves me! He really loves me!
(He WANTED me to have a pertty phone ...)

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LParsons said...

I love your latest and greatest blog posting. It put a smile upon my face! Now pray that I don't go postal on TMobile. Wait did I say their name out loud? lol And pray that the phone God is good to me and I get a new phone and soon! The toilet idea is starting to sound pretty good... Giggle, Giggle