Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Picture Perfect WEDNESDAY - better late than never!

I had many grand plans for this post. Plans that included posting it on, ya know, MONDAY!!! However, the flu bug has bitten the B Manor, thus throwing all plans out the window.

I also envisioned a year end post in which we looked back through pictures and I poetically encaptured the year's memories and brought a tear to all of your eyes.

But, now, it seems, the only tears are in MY eyes, cause I tend to get teary when I puke. Now, for the record, I have not puked yet, per sey. I have, however, been puked ON three times in the last two days. And, in my feeble little mind, that soooooo counts!

And, now, for your viewing pleasure ...

We got the girls all dressed up for church on Christmas Eve and prepared to take pictures, and in a strange turn of events, it was Miss Sophie who proved uncooperative ...

Hattie gave a charming smile - it was so sweet!!!

Sophie, on the other hand, kept trying to grab the camera!

(see what I mean?)

Yeah, no body was cooperating for this one!!!

And then there was one ... and hello, it was Hattie!

Afterwards we had a little birthday party for Baby Jesus!

(And, yes, that is a tealight for the candle - because, being the good Christian woman that I am, I forgot the birthday candle for the Sweet Baby Jesus!!!)

But the cake was yummy, as proven by the following ...

Sophie is quite serious about her cake eating business!!!

Hattie just likes to have a little fun with her cake.

And, as they ate, we read the kids version of the Christmas story!! Hattie seemed to really understand things this year. All day long on Christmas, she kept saying it was Baby Jesus' birthday!!

And I cannot tell you how that Blessed this mommy's heart!!!

Christmas morning we woke to all of the gifts beneath the tree...

Hattie got this lovely baby doll set. And it remains untouched to this day... She prefers the cheap magic wand that she found in her stocking.

Sophie got some Little People sets that Hattie commandeered. But that is OK, because SHE prefers the old cell phone that she received. She is always trying to take everyone else's and this way she has her own. She LOVES it!!!

Hubby got t-shirts and socks. Thank you Santa!!! He also got a swell mug. And it, too, has remained untouched!


I got some straws ( I HEART straws!!!) and a ped egg, both of which have been used profusely!!! Wanna come feel my feet? Smooth, baby, SMOOTH!!!

Here is Sophie playing shy with the camera .... Ummm, who are you and what have you done with my baby?!?!?!

And, here is Hattie a little out of focus (have I mentioned that I am currently hating my camera!!!) due to the dancing she was doing with her magic wand! So sweet!!!

Well, that is all we have picture wise. And now, I must go and rest... all of this thinking has worn me out.

If I have a burst of energy before the end of the day I will try to get that year recap in ...

I wouldn't hold my breath on that one!

Have a BLESSED new year! Be safe and God Bless!!!

7 of ya left some love:

j said...

Oh no the FLU!!! I feel for you...both my kids had it before Christmas. NOT FUN! Hope you stay healthy. Love the Christmas pics. (Our cake to Jesus was also a yellow cake with chocolate frosting...How funny!)

Happy New Year! Luv ya RS!

calista said...

love the pic's, is that snow I see out your window??

Rebecca Jo said...

UGH - hope you feel better!!!

And I had to laugh at the candle... I noticed it & thought, hey - that'll work!

Kelly said...

I hope everyone feels better soon. The tealight candle is a great idea. Mike got a Hello Kitty one on his cake.

Toknowhim said...

I hear the flu bug has been going around.. Sorry it caught you :(

Thanks for stopping by and leaving what verse you will be memorizing for the year... Please feel free to stop by often and comment.

Blessings to your sweet family as you seek Jesus in 2009 :)


Hannah said...

Great pics!!! I want a baby doll set!!!

Ang baylis said...

I hope you didn't get it! Happy New Year! Thanks for your VERY encouraging comment on my blog! You are SO sweet!
Angie xoxo