Friday, March 28, 2008

One Small Step For Hattie ...

... One ginormous leap towards Independence!!!
Well, we did it ... we took the plunge. We have begun sleeping in a big girl bed.
I know, those of you new to our neck of the bloggy woods are thinking "isn't she FOUR?" and yes, she is. However, sweet Hattie Grace has some sleep issues - meaning she doesn't always, ya know, SLEEP!!! She fairly often wakes in the middle of the night for what we like to call "the crib party". And, let me tell ya, these parties have been known to last for HOURS - literally! And, frankly, because she is upstairs and we are down, we have been just plain skeered to put her in a bed.
However, she is getting too stinking big for the crib and we have made the switch.
Last night was the first night - although we have been leading up to it for a while (Hattie's other "issue" is communication - processing language, speaking effectively etc...). She was very excited to get to stay in her big bed! We had to go in a few times to tell her to stop jumping on the bed, kicking the wall and sending Tigger for flying leaps across the room. But eventually she did quiet down and go to sleep. And she slept all night!!!!!

Here is what I found when I went in to check on her the last time:

And really, this just looked uncomfy, so I moved her a little ...

Tigger and Curious George are constant sleepin' buddies!!!

But Austin, he sings when ya touch him, and the airplane, it lights up, so they got to sleep on the floor!

All in all it was a good night!!!

On another note, I ask again ...

...really, who is Al Gore kidding?
It IS pretty, but pretty don't clear my driveway!!!!

2 of ya left some love:

Fran said...

Ok...the last line made me laugh!
"Pretty don't clear my driveway!"

I'm so happy for your sweet girl.
Good nights or bad nights....she is so blessed. And, so are you!

Blessings friend~

Andrea said...

hi becky...i need your email address to add you to my blog list for going private. can you email me at