Sunday, April 26, 2009

Project 365 - Week 15

Project 365
Time again for a look back at our week. The lovely Sara hosts this extravaganza each week, in which we take and showcase at least one picture a day for an entire year. And it is a STINKIN BLAST!!!! It's not too late to join us. Visit Sara or click on the pic above for more details!
April 19 - Sophie is FINALLY letting me play with her hair. The accessories don't always stay in for long, but it is a start!

April 20 - Sophie's 18 month check up (though she is closer to 20 months now!).

April 21 - There's no room here for an office space, so I created a little counter top organization center (and yes, I do realize I AM becoming my mother!).

April 22 - Adventures in Spaghetti - scroll down for the whole tale!

April 23 - sick in bed with a migraine. How Blessed am I to have friends who made sure the girls and I got home safely from Bible study and a husband who came home (amidst MORE layoffs this week - we are still safe) to take care of his ailing wife?!?!

April 24 - He had to go back to work, but he left this note to let me know he loves me!

April 25 - the piano finally made it over from the old house! And, yes, that is a framed puzzle above it. In my early 20's I shared and apartment with a roommate - we could barely afford rent, much less cable, so we spent a LOT of time playing cards and doing puzzles. Something about this one made me fall in love and I glued it together and kept it. I always dreamed of owning a piano like the one in the picture as well as havin a little blond girl and a curly headed brunette baby! When we got the piano (a GIFT from a friend) hubbs had the puzzle framed and hung it above the piano. Fast forward five years and I even have the blond and curly topped babies! God is SO good!!!

April 26 - yesterday evening Sophie got sick. It turned into a very long night! Finally at about 3:30, she was able to keep down some pedialite and water and she fell asleep for the night. She seems to feel much better this morning, but her mama and daddy are draggin!

So, how was YOUR week?!?!

9 of ya left some love:

skoots1mom said...

Sophie..what a cutey! love your pics:)

Kim said...

Lovely photos and especially enjoyed the story about the piano and "blond and curly topped babies". Precious!

sara said...

love seeing pictures of that curly headed girl! she is so cute!

what a great husband...beautiful wife...that is so sweet!!

hope you are all healthy this week!

HisTreasuredPossession said...

These pics are so sweet - love those babies!

thanks for all the encouraging words this week; so blessed by you!

Esthermay said...

YEA!!! for the dear Husband that leaves precious notes. I've a box of them under the bed. :-)
. . . sorry about your migraine. btdt
That is a tender story of the puzzle. I have a few glued and framed puzzles also. They are precious - YES, God is Very Good!

LuAnn said...

Your Sophie reminds me of my daughter when she was little with that curly hair.
Your husband is very sweet.
Blessings this week!

tiffany said...

Aw, what a sweet note from your hubby. Hoping all of you are well now!

Becky said...

Looks like a productive week getting settled in.

Love the framed puzzle. I have a couple but they aren't as special as yours.

Isn't it funny how the dr.s office put all that expensive equipment right where the babies can grab it HA.

Soory about your migraine, hope all is well again.

rita said...

Sweet understanding husband.
Beautifull babies.
Great piano/puzzle/story!