Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This Is Gonna Hurt

I am a HUGE fan of The Biggest Loser. I admit it, I am a reality TV junkie. I especially enjoy seeing people overcome battles. And, since weight and self image are battles I am constantly fighting, seeing people overcome them touches me in ways I cannot explain.

Now, when watching the Biggest Loser, or American Idol, Survivor or Amazing Race, I often try to picture myself in the shoes of the contestants. In fact, I often look at Hubby and explain what my strategy would be in that situation. For instance, if I ever get on survivor I am wearing layers - lots and lots of layers so that I have a change of clothes and am not forced to wander around an island (with the whole world watching!) in my underwear. AND, for that matter, I am wearing boxer briefs under everything - no hiney hangout for this girl! Not to mention a supportive bra - I mean come ON! You are on SURVIVOR - meaning physical challenges in which you may be required to bend, run, jump, leap, run, hang and, did I mention RUN!?

Support the girl ladies, support the girls!

OK, back to Biggest Loser ...

There was a moment once where Jillian had someone on a treadmill and that person (I cannot remember who at the moment) kept putting down her hands to hold on to the handles. Jillian was getting mad and actually threatened to rip her arms off and beat her over the head with her own arms if she did it one more time. Jillian is hard core y'all. Hard core!

Now, generally Bob is the nice one, but there was one contestant this year that made HIM lose it. Joelle. Oh, she was infuriating! Here she has the chance of a lifetime, to get herself in shape and have someone to help her learn to STAY that way and she just blew it off. She would BARELY participate in the workouts and do just enough to get by in the challenges ... Heck, I wanted to rip her arm off and beat her with it!!! He finally went all Jillian on her and there was more bleeping in that one scene that there EVER has been on that show!

So, anyway, I have decided that this is it, I have to do it now or never. I KNOW you have heard this before, but this time I have some AMAZING accountability partners and we are gonna do it TOGETHER! In fact we have all picked up a little something to get us started ...

I am tellin ya, in the words of Big Mama, it should actually be called the 30 Day DREAD. I did day one this morning and I have come to the conclusion that Jillian is one of two things:

A: She is a stinkin genius and bound to be my BFF in the next 30 days, or ...

B: She is a terrorist working for some foreign dictator and is determined to take out the good 'ol USofA one stay at home mom at a time.

I have ALSO determined that I would be the one to lead Jillian to at least the threat of violence and I would be the one to send Bob over the edge. Yes, I am Joelle.

And THAT must change!

So, this morning I got up at 0 Dark:Thirty to do Day 1 (because, clearly, I like my torture in two's). And I am tellin you ... OUCH!

It's gonna be a long 30 days, in which I will either DIE or find the motivation to keep going and TRULY get into shape.

I am betting on the latter.

In which case, if I ever DO get on Survivor, there will be MUCH less jiggling and hanging out of the hiney.

Priorities people, we all need em!

10 of ya left some love:

Rebecca Jo said...

OK... this is the 3rd post today I've seen where people are doing this!!! I'm totally joining in! I'm going to go get the video this weekend!!! I wanna Shred too!

I'm probably going to totally regret that statement!

But I too LOVE the Biggest Loser... Bob is my favorite but man, Jillian knows how to kick butt!

Mary the Shred Dreader! said...

Ahh, girl you are encouraging me... or scaring the daylights out of me. I'm not sure which one. I'm anxiously awaiting (as one would await the gyn appointment) the arrival of Jillian on my doorstep -- well, not Jillian but her DVD and then I do will begin the torture.. I mean shred!

Meli n Pat said...

You are hysterical! You may want to stretch a lot today and take some advil before you get out of bed tomorrow morning! You go!

Kelly's Ideas said...

This is super.. I too need to lose weight and gain back some self esteem.. Looking forward to watching your progress and getting inspired.
You go Girl!


Kelly said...

Go Becky Jo. Let me know how you like the video, I would love to get it also.

j said...

You can do it girl! It may hurt, But it'll be a good hurt, and each day will get easier...After 30, you'll probably be so motivated and craving more! I can't wait to see. I'm cheering for ya!

Fran said...

Y'all totally crack me up!!!! I'm doing this thang with ya!! We will be fabulous! :)

Wait...we already are!

Ok..will you DM me the blog info again? i erased it. Sorry.

Jamie said...

I love the Biggest Loser too. I've heard several people talking about this video...I'm scared of it.

I came by your blog via Sara's...I love her new look. You did a great job!

sara said...

oh that video scares me!!! I hate exercise!!! I go to the gym to walk the treadmill each night ONLY because my husband guilts me into it...oh ya, and because it makes me sleep better....I still hate it!!

let me know if you can move after a few days and maybe I will try it!!

thanks again for my new look!! I love it!

lagirl said...

I'm in diet mode at the moment so I feel your pain. Don't think I could handle a Trainer in my face PUSHIN' me all the time.

I signed on as a Follower, so I'll be back to see how you're doing. Stop by my Blog and say "Hi" sometime. Pleez!