Wednesday, October 31, 2007

They're so cute it's SPOOKY!!!

OK, so I have the cutest kids EVER!!! I know you are saying that yours are cuter, but I am sorry - MINE ARE!!!!!
Halloween was a chore - picking a costume Hattie would actually wear and one that Sophie could wear without spending a fortune ...
Last year I bought Hattie a Sully costume - from Monsters Inc. - and she would not go NEAR it!! I figured if I could get it on her she would get over it ... I was wrong. She screamed in TERROR and fought like heck to get it off. So, last year she was a cowgirl. Jeans and a plaid shirt, oh so creative ... NOT!!!! This year, I figured I would try Sully again and if I could get her to go for it, she could be Sully and Sophie could be Mike - green jumper with an eye in the middle, simple. Except Hattie STILL would not go near the costume. When my mom was here Hattie fell in love with a kangaroo costume, but they only had an infant size. My mom bought it for her anyway. Then one day we were watching Dora and she was a kitty for Halloween. PERFECT - if Dora can be a cat, so can Hattie. I got out some cat ears - actually they are skunk ears (and their are April's) but she went for it. So I bought her black sweats and a turtle neck, made her a tail and we were in business. I dressed Sophie in the kangaroo outfit, but just long enough for pics, cause Hattie got a little possessive - ok, a LOT possessive!! But they both looked ADORABLE as you can see!!
Also, Auntie April sent some Halloween clothes for Sophie - April is the holiday QUEEN (probably has Halloween undies!!) and I included those pics too!! Too stinking cute!!!!!

2 of ya left some love:

Jenn said...

Halloween is so fun. All the fun things we want to dress them as and then they go as a cat. Maybe Sophie will be Sully someday!

Anonymous said...

Aww. I hope you had fun. They both are adorable! Have a great day! -Maggie