Saturday, November 3, 2007

Fall Is Here

OK, so I looooooooovvvvvveeee fall!!! And here is the biggest reason why:

Hattie gets completely giddy sliding down the slide into leaves. So much so that even in the summer, she will search the yard for any leaves that may have fallen onto the ground and - even if there are only two - she will pile them at the end of the slide and go. Then she will laugh and laugh until she literally cries with laughter!!! It is the cutest thing EVER .... until I saw this .....

So, now BOTH of my girls love fall. OK, maybe Sophie is only slightly tolerating it, but I got a cute picture, so, it works for me!!! I LOVE FALL!!!!

PS: When the neighbor lady came over to chat, Hubby got sidetracked from his leaf duty and was not moving fast enough for Hattie's liking. So, she took over....

Yep, I LOVE fall!!!

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