Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Cure For Cradle Cap!!

OK, can you hear the angels rejoicing? Well, we can at our house, which makes me absolutely positive that all of Heaven rejoices over even the smallest of things that make the children of the Lord happy.
So, you may be asking yourself, what has caused such happiness here at B Manor ... well. I will tell ya. We have found a solution for cradle cap!!! YeeeeeeHaaaaaw!!! (Sorry for the hick-ness, but sometimes "yay" just aint enough!!)
Now, this is quite a bit unorthodox, and possibly a tad insane. Plus, I will have to tell you the story of how this solution presented itself to, hopefully, make it seem just slightly less absurd....
OK, in an earlier post I told you about the cradle cap solution product. Well, I was trying it again. This time I was bathing Sophie in the kitchen and had her in the sink with a head full of the stuff before I realized that I did not have a comb. The product instructions are to apply the stuff to the head and use a baby comb to pull the flakes out... So I am in the kitchen, it is on her head and I have no comb. OH what to do?!?!?! The night before had been pizza night in B land and I had used one of my lovely Pampered Chef stones for the baking. I had cleaned the stone with one of the handy dandy little brown rubber scrapers that they provide for your convenience. And guess what? That little scraper was on the edge of my sink.... Wheel turning in the head, thoughts flying by - should I? Could I? WOULD I????? Well the answer to all three is yes. For those of you unversed in Pampered Chef (let me just say that you must run - not walk - to your computer and find yourself a consultant .... ok, you are already at your computer so....... OH, I get sidetracked so easily!!!) I must assure you that this is in no way a sharp, chemically treated or otherwise dangerous product. Simply a little brown rubber square that is AMAZING at getting pizza off of a stone. AND, now we know that it is also quite functional at removing Cradle Cap...... The flakes just slid off and her head looks sooooooo much better!!! And, just to reassure those of you who may be doubting the sanity and safety, let me assure you that sweet Sophie smiled the whole time!!!
Oh yeah, God is good!!! And sometimes He really does work in mysterious ways!

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