Wednesday, November 14, 2007

All about .... NOTHING!!!

Hi my fRamily!!! So, I have a whole lot to say about really nothing much... just some updates! Sophie is getting to be GINORMOUS!!!! HUGEMONGOUS!!! BIG! She started out at 6lbs, 11oz. and at her two month check up she was 12lbs, 3oz!!!! First of all - TWO MONTHS?!?!?!?! How can that be? Holy canoli, I am in utter shock! Secondly - can you say HEAVY!? I hope that she can sit up soon, cause she and her carrier car seat weigh even more!!! I am just kidding - I don't want to wish even one moment away. She is also really starting to come into her own little self. She has such a sweet spirit and her personality is showing itself in such amazing ways! She has some funny quirks - she will NOT take her bottle if her diaper is even the slightest bit wet. She has to wiggle and shift and get comfy in order to go to sleep - at first I thought she was fighting sleep, but I realized last night and this morning that she is just gettin' settled! She really needs to see what is going on around her - for instance, she LOVES her car seat but hates when you put a blankie over it to shade her from the sun or protect her from the wind/'rain etc... She will cry until you take the cover off and then she is fine! She LOVES to hug her big sis and always gets the biggest smile when Hattie comes near! And - this is my favorite - she thinks the word "tushie" is funny! How do I know? She smiles and squeals every time you say it (well, almost every time!!). I LOVE this kid!!!!
Then there is our Miss Hattie! She is really starting to blossom at school. We have recently been asking for prayers because she is being observed and tested for Autism. And wouldn't you know it - LITERALLY the moment we began asking for those prayers she started to "wake up" at school. She is starting to participate, speak, answer questions, follow directions and play with other kids!!! Coincidence??? I think NOT!!!!! Thank you all for your prayers. Some examples of her increased social awareness and verbal activity ... The other day I was getting Sophie a bottle and she was NOT being patient! When I came into the living room with the bottle Hattie was sitting near her, rubbing the top of her head and telling her softly "Calm down Soapy, it's ok... Mommy comin' ... get you bottle."!!! Then it took me another five minutes to get the bottle to her cause I was crying!!! Yesterday, we were getting ready for school and I had her all dressed and told her to go get in her chair for breakfast. She was looking at a magazine and ignoring me, so I said it again ... nothing ... "HATTIE!!" Without even looking up she said "I HEAR you Mommy". Hubby and i looked at each other and I thought, had I not been praying for you to develop language to express your thoughts you might be flying across the room right about now, but PRAISE THE SWEET LORD - she talks!!! Finally, today I had gone down the hall for a sec and when I came back she was climbing up the stairs ... the OUTSIDE of the stairs!! Freaked me out and I yelled at her to get down, she did and then started crying. I came over to hug her and said "tell me what's wrong". I could see her thinking and processing and then she looked at me and said "you scared me". Then we both cried!!! God is sooooooo (are there really enough o's?) good!
So then, my phone rings this afternoon ... I look at the caller id and it is Steven - my stepson - who NEVER calls me except for Father's Day and birthdays for gift ideas. I answer and it is his girlfriend Mindy - whom I LOVE DEARLY!!! She says that she has news for me - "Steven proposed to me today!" My first reaction "It's about stinkin' time!!!!" to which Steven says "you're on speaker". Seriously though, they have been dating FOREVER and I have been asking him and asking him when he was gonna marry her already and he always says "why do women always ask that?" The last time I asked him if MINDY ever asks that and he said yes, I said "there ya go!" So, I like to think that I had a little something to do with it (I am sure i didn't, but still!)
So, that's about all for now.... Blog at ya soon!

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The B's said...

Well, nobody but you ever goes to my blog. I like the new blog look. I love fall too. We haven't had much fall here. No rain means to turning leaves. It got in the 70's yesterday. We have a serious Drought here. Love the pics.