Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sleep & Cradle Cap

OK, I know that is a weird combination ... but that is life in the B Manor!!! Sophie has slept through the night ... in her bed ... for two nights!!!! I am trying not to get too excited, but it aint working too well! She has slept multiple hours before, but in Steve's arms in the recliner and NEVER for more than two nights in a row ... so, tonight will be the big test!!! PRAY FOR US!!!!! She has had a cold so she is sleeping in a car seat (sits her up a bit more!) but the car seat is in her bed - does that count?!?! I say it does!!!
In other news, Sophie has a MEAN case of cradle cap. It is one of the worst I have ever seen and I have tried all of my old standbys - baby oil, big people shampoo, brushing it with the shampoo on it and I have even tried a product called "Cradle Cap Care" which has helped a little but we still got it. SO, I am taking suggestions - anything at all, bring it on!!!
And the BIG news of the week is that on Thursday, Kim (birth Mom) had her relinquishment hearing. Meaning she signed the court papers giving up her parental rights to Sophie. She now has 30 days to appeal - but only if there is a legal reason, she can not just "change her mind!" So, after court we got together for breakfast and Briauna (Sophie's sister) was there. They were really cute together - of course I forgot to take a picture!!! DUH!!! But It was nice to see Kim and for her to get to see Sophie and the girls to see each other. They look a bit alike, but not as much as I thought they would. B is so much bigger that I would not even peg them as twins if I were to see them on the street! And, may I just be so bold as to say - they are quite beautiful (of course Sophie is the most beautiful -wink wink!!).

And then there is our Miss Hattie! She is really starting to love here sis - calls her Super Baby or "Soapy"!! SO, SO, SOOOOOO cute!!! When Sophie cries or gets upset, Hattie worries - she has been known to put a bottle in her mouth and at times says "calm down Soapy!!" ... very sweet! She is still loving school - can't wait for the bus in the morning! She is going to be evaluated at school, soon as well as by a neurologist, because the teacher is concerned about some of her behaviours. She is not as social as most children her age and isn't talking as well and there are a few other things that lead them to believe that she may be slightly autistic. This is very concerning to us of course. We want to do all that she need though, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be in prayer for her - and for us - over this development. That God would open her mind to what they are trying to teach her and that we would be the parents that she needs for us to be.
That is about all there is for now! I will blog at ya soon - hopefully bright eyed & bushy tailed!!!! Sleep is our friend!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Elizabeth had it too and the doctor had me use NOTHING but Dove soap til it for about the first 3 months. Even after it cleared. And even in her hair. I sent something for S.L.-- did you get it? Enjoy seeing pictures. Heather

Anonymous said...

Konichiiwa BeckyJoMama!
Can you guess who this is? It's been a while, hasn't it? haha. I'm glad to see that everything is going good. I miss you guys! Well, I just wanted to say hi and tell you that I love you...:), I have to go help Josiah with something...