Friday, October 10, 2008

Hot For The Holidays - Week 5

Hot for the Holidays

OK, I have finally caught up from the 5 pound Breast Cancer 3day fiasco. I lost the extra 2 lbs this week and then an additional .3!!! Isn't that just thrilling? I am down .3!

Yeah, not so much!

But, seeing as how the tally for the week is 2.3 down from last week, I will take it! Gladly!

So, in summation, I have lost 5.3 total (I think, I am getting lost in all of this math!!!!). I had lost 5ish, gained 5 on the 3day event and have lost those 5 and .3 more. So, I am resetting the scale at this total and we will go from here. So as to avoid any further math related confusion.

Math smart, I am not. No siree. I think the only reason I ever passed math in school was so the teacher could pass me off to the next sucker and not have to have me in their class again!!!

PS - for more entertaining reading scroll down. Or, ya know, visit another blog. Whatever works for ya!

PPS - do ya think if I do my "90 Day Total Body Makeover" DVD 3 times a day I can get that new body in 30 days? 'Cause that's when I need it.

Yeah, this nice hole, dug it all by myself. Thank you very much!

7 of ya left some love:

ciara said...

great job on the loss! keep it up. :)

Julie said...

5.3 overall is great! I am down 1.6 overall & am excited about that ha ha. As long as we are down we know we are doing good!

Christie O. said...

haha! you're cracking me up on the dvd thing! anyway, great job rebounding! high five to us for losing our gains!!

Fran said...

You go girl...

And, I'm realizing that 6th grade math is HARD. Hmmmmm...


Laura said...

my head hurts from the math.
but it sounds like a good week for you.

calista said...

BeckyJoMama, you were lost, but I found you...or something like that. I lost track of your blog, and I found you again. I am so GLAD, 'cause you make me smile. I put a Creative award for you on my blog. Copy it from the sidebar if you so choose, 'cause you so deserve!!

Becky said...

Way to go!!! I bet you'll lose five more once you start using that fancy new vacuum ;-)