Thursday, October 9, 2008

Seriously, Where DO They Put It?

So, today Miss Belle came to play. Her Daddy is in Atlanta hanging out with some big name Christian Celebrities. BIG names, like BILLY GRAHAM!!! But hey, I am not jealous or anything. Nope. Not me!!! Anyhoo, Belle's Mommy is holdin' down the fort and she had to work today. 'Cause that tiny, cute, super adorable woman is totally smart too. She's an RN and she is on duty. So, Belle came to our house to play. Yay us!!!!

Now, Belle is a year older than Sophie, but is a bit smaller. She weighs probably HALF as much as Sophie (who weighed in at a whopping 29 lbs. this morning!!!!). Sophie is a baby and, thus, a fairly light eater - by most standards. And Hattie, oh sweet Hattie, well, she's not an eater at all.


For the most part, when Belle is here, it is like pulling teeth to get anyone of them to eat - well, except for Sophie. Sophie eats. But she is only ONE. But today the three of them decided, simultaneously, that they were FAMISHED beyond all reason. They converged upon me and began wailing and crying for food. I could not get it made fast enough.

While I cooked I let them play drum line so as to keep 'em out of my hair. And they were OK with that, until they saw me take the pan to the table. At which point they abandoned those pans quicker than lightning.

Then they proceeded to eat like nobody's business. Don't believe me, I have evidence. I made two boxes of Mac and Cheese.


I made the whole grain variety because I figured Hubby and I would eat the leftovers. And we all know that processed, powdered, make believe cheese substance is WAY more healthy on whole grain noodles.

DUH! That's just common sense y'all.

I did not figure on each of these little girls having at least four bowls each. FOUR BOWLS!!! I am fairly sure that Miss Belle ate MORE than her weight in MacNCheese.

Note - Photographic evidence that Hattie eats something besides Chicken Dinos, Pizza and birthday cake!

Do you see the empty tray - it was full when I turned to get the camera!


Check the pan for yourself!

Yeah, looks like I will be making something else for the man!

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Becky said...

Just like us women... we get together to have some fun and end up diving into the comfort food. :-) Fun post.