Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bloggy Love

My sweet bloggy friend Calista (Can I Get A Witness?) gave me some bloggy love yesterday. Isn't it pretty - it's my first blog award!! I would like to thank the academy and all of the little people ... JUST KIDDING!!!!!!

I WOULD like to thank Calista though:)

And, as with all things good, now I must work for it...

I am supposed to list six things that make me happy and then pass the bloggy love on. First I will list my six happies. Of course the thing that makes me HAPPIEST is not a "thing" at all, but a great big loving God from whom everything else comes. HE is a given, so I will list six things that HE has given me:

1. My family - Hubby, the love of my life and my best friend - life without you would be no life at all. Steven and Chris - you accepted me as step mom and chose to love me. You will never know what that means. Mindy - in less than a month you will be our daughter in love, as if we needed confirmation of that:) Hattie and Sophie - being your mommy is the best job I have ever had, you are the sunshine of my days and I love you to the moon and back a thousand times. Watching the girls you are becoming and the ways you are growing everyday, both humbles and amazes me.

2. My fRamily - Friends as close as family and framily I would choose for friends. Where would I be without all of you. Especially my mommy - my "other" best friend!!!

3. My home - My man has given me the house of my dreams - a big front porch, back deck, mature trees swaying in the breeze .... heaven on earth!

4. My church home - After leaving the old one behind, we never thought we would feel so at home, but thanks to Andy, Eric, Mike and Aron, as well as all of the other leaders at MCC, we have found a true HOME and FAMILY. Praise God for Changed People Reaching People for Christ!!!! And they truly are all that they claim to be!

5. My Computer - I know this is silly, but since I started blogging (thanks to my PBFF Beth Moore), I have discovered a whole community of friends and siestas who come together in prayer and praise and actual genuine love and affection ... only God, my friends!! Only God!

6. Seasons - Spent most of my life in a place where it is either hot or hotter (except for maybe two weeks in January where you may need a coat when you leave the house in the morning), so I LOVE seeing the changing seasons and all of the beautiful pictures that God paints for me through it all. As I speak I can look out my window and see trees with multi colored leaves - today they are green and just turning to gold, red, yellow and orange, in a few weeks they will be bare and covered in white fluffy snow, followed by the whites, pinks, purples and yellows of Spring and the vibrant greens of summer. WOW! Thank you Father!!!

Now, to share the bloginess ...

I am supposed to pick two (at least that is what Calista did), so I am picking one from Bloggy world and one from MCC world (closing my eyes and pointing, so as to be fair and square!!).....

SuperModel - I'm Still Clay

I wish I could pick more, I really do.

Don't be mad if I didn't pick you ... confrontation and disappointing others is one that makes me UNhappy:(

You still love me right?!

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