Sunday, October 12, 2008


Hubby and I saw Fireproof on Friday night. OH. MY. WORD. What a good movie. First off, it was from the Facing The Giants people, and that is one of my fave movies, so I knew it would be good. But, seriously, I had no idea!

The first couple of scenes had me a bit worried about the acting level ('cause I am a bit picky about that), but it got better. The story - oh man - was gut wrenchingly real. I know marriages that have been there. My husband was IN a marriage that was there. They are all around - people who just "fell out of love". Not realizing that love is not a feeling but a choice and a commitment. AND not knowing where REAL love comes from. We are soooooo incapable of really loving without God. He IS love and true love comes only from Him.

I know (because I SAW it) that hubby fought hard for his marriage. But he fought it alone and, unlike the wife in the movie, she never came around. She made choices that HURT, not just hubby but everyone involved. She hurt her friends, her church family (I was among them) and, especially, her sons. I know she hurt them because I had to really earn their trust when I came along. But more than anyone she hurt her husband. Another pain that caused me to have to work to earn the trust. But amidst all of the pain, lessons were learned. And a closer relationship with God was forged.

So, in the movie, both spouses are at the end and want out. They are headed, at full speed, toward a divorce. But the husband's dad steps in and gives his son a dare. A love dare. For 40 days he is to follow the steps in a journal given to him by dad. Each day is a step to take in rebuilding the love that has been broken down. And each day builds on the last day. For instance day one is about respect. He must hold his tongue and respect his wife enough to not say an unkind word to her - even if it means not retaliating when SHE does. And then day two is to CONTINUE to not be unkind and to add doing a kind gesture, etc...

I don't want to give away the rest. Let's just say that it is NOT easy, but along the way, Caleb realizes that there is only One way to find love (and what that One way is!!!) and that it is worth the fight. And it IS a fight. Big time!

So, there is a website and a book that detail the dare and it's steps. I think I am gonna try it on my man. We have a solid, strong marriage. But, as the speaker at church said today (and don't ya just love how God puts all of this together!!!!), all marriages could use some work and can get better.

So, does anyone want to do this with me? I can put the step for each day on here and then y'all can comment about how ya did and how he reacted. The thing is, you can do it as a couple OR you can do it for him on your own, but if you do it that way, he is not to know you are doing it. Sneaky huh?! So, let me know if you are interested. I am gonna do it either way. And I will be sure to let ya know how it is working:)

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Honey Mommy said...

Sounds like a good movie. I'll have to check it out.

Becky said...

That sounds like a fantastic movie! I will definitely rent it soon. I still need to see Facing the Giants. I know, I'm a little late.

Come help me celebrate my 100th post :-)

ridge765 said...

I have a copy of the Love Dare book; it is a powerful resource, certainly the best thing I've done for our marriage this year. My husband and I also have a Couple's Kit, which is a bible-study based on the movie. It has DVD clips from the movie--they're cool! We really enjoyed doing it together. I encourage you to try these! I found them both at if you are looking for them. I think you can even get them both at a discount if you buy on this site! Hope it helps!

calista said...

I say lets do it. Put it on the blog and I'll do this with ya.