Sunday, October 5, 2008

The 3Day ... FINALLY!

These are the people I spent my weekend with:

Katelynn (She was the young and STINKIN' CUTE girl on our team!!)

Sock Monkey (our little mascot!)

Jennifer (she just got herself engaged!)

Becky (She joined us on her OFF week for CHEMO - what a hero!!!)

Suzanne (shown here bustin' a move!)

Kathy (Who refused to cooperate and smile, so this is what she gets!)

Michelle (Who DID smile nicely!)

Tim (Mr. September of the ORIGINAL 60 Mile Men calander of '07. AND who also refused to cooperate!)

Jane (I LOVE this girl, she wasn't on the same crew, but look how cute she is!!!)

These are the places where I spent my time:

Pot-O-John (Oh yeah, pure fun my friends!)

Little Pink Tents (woulda liked to have spent a little more time here!!)

The finish line (at least for day one and day two!!)...

...which we decorated to motivate!!

Here are a few of the people who inspired me:

This guy walked in his BDU's. Walking for his mom and his sisters. Protecting my freedom AND my boobies! What a guy!!!

The walkers - who after walking 20 miles a day, lined up to encourage and bring home the other walkers...

...and then on day three, lined up to cheer on and thank the crew. Oh yeah, I cried!

This lady high fived the walkers with her big pink boxing gloves and declared that she "Fights Like A Girl"!!!

The Survivors - do I need to say any more?

And the way we salute those survivors:
At closing ceremonies, the survivors are the last to enter the arena. Everyone takes off one shoe and raises it in a salute to those who have fought the toughest battle of all. The survivors.

So, pretty much I spent the weekend with a few thousand people who stinking ROCK! They gave up time and money and energy to make a statement. They raised a ginormous amount of money for the priveledge of walking 60 miles in three days. And they smiled the whole time!

And, if that were not enough, they stood in line each night to sign up to do it again next year.


So, what can you do?

You can still donate.

You can volunteer for next year.

You can WALK next year!!!

But more than anything else, you can keep prayin' for a cure!

5 of ya left some love:

Becky said...

Wow, tons of great pics. Someone needs to make you a pink sock monkey mascot for next year. The line, "protecting my freedom and my boobies" had me rollin' :-p

Kate said...

Awesome...kudos for your involvement. Loved the pictures...and the silly ones are the best...they show what kind of characters kept you busy the whole
I think you are on to something...maybe next year "protecting my freedom and my boobies" should be the tagline for the walk.
Love ya girly!

Kelli said...

You go Girl!!!

Fran said...

I just love events like this!! I'm so proud of you and everyone involved!! So beautiful to see the pix.

Glory to God!!

j said...

Wow...what an amazing experience. I'd L-O-V-E to walk it...always nervous about the raising money part though. You have inspired me. Great photos to capture the weekend. I love the one shoe salute...gave me the goosebumps. I can only imagine how blessed it must have been to be there and to be a part of it. You know Paula is smiling down at you!