Friday, April 17, 2009

8 Things (AKA Tag, I'm It!)

My Bloggy Friend LuAnn tagged me. So I guess I am it...

(I'm supposed to list 8 things in each category and then tag 8 other people)

Here we go:

8 Things I am Looking Forward To
1- Flip Flop Weather
2- A visit from my mommy (hint, hint, nudge, nudge)
3- Summer hang time with Cherry T
4- Some kind - ANY kind - of mini vacation with my fam this summer
5- My Daddy's B-day in Dec.
6- Mondays when Hubby is off
7- My anniversary in June
8- HEAVEN (saved the best for last!!!)

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1- Stayed in my jammies all day (even put fresh ones on after the shower!)
2- Vacuumed the whole house from ONE plug!
3- Cleaned the kitchen
4- Allowed Hattie to have a PopTart for dessert after dinner
5- Regretted that choice at 10PM when she was still bouncin off the walls in her bedroom
6- Hung with my PBFF Beth Moore .... or at least a DVD of Beth :)
7- Opened EVERY SINGLE WINDOW IN MY HOUSE to let the fresh air in
8- Facebook/Twitter/Blog Hopping

8 Things I wish I could Do
1- Cure Cancer
2- Have one more chat with Paula
3- Sing like Martina McBride/Carrie Underwood/Bernadette Caulley
4- Act Like Meryl Streep
5- Hug Julie Andrews
8- Live next door to my mommy (and the rest of my fRamily)

8 Shows I Watch
1- American Idol
2- Survivor
3- Biggest Loser
5- What Not To Wear
6- Army Wives
7- Hallmark Channel/Lifetime/HGTV/DIY
8- Amazing Race

8 People I Tag
1- The
2- Eight
3- People
4- Who
5- Read
6- This
7- Blog
8- Period

(So, I cheated ... sue me!)

4 of ya left some love:

Becky said...

LOL, now everyone is afraid to comment and admit they are one of the eight. I'll proudly admit it... besides I need some inspiration to get me out of this writers block funk.

Becky said...

Great lists btw.

septembermom said...

LuAnn tagged me already! I love your lists! Cool that you vacuumed the whole house with one plug. Vacuuming drives me crazy. Love those staying in jammies days. Enjoy your Saturday :)

Rebecca Jo said...

Boo for sugar rushes! But yipee for a fun mom who lets pop tarts be dessert!!!

And a BIG YIPEE for windows open!!! Doing that today!