Saturday, November 8, 2008

Alive And Kicking - Just Not Connecting!

Well, we made it to AZ - we are all alive and well. However, we have limited connectivity in these parts ...

Which means, I did not get on to do my Hot For The Holidays post - lost 1.5 pounds ... YAY!!! Woulda been more, but Hubbs made pizza for dinner on Thursday night and by the time I got home I was too tired to fight the urge and weak from hunger. So, I succumbed. He felt really bad:(

'Cause, ya know, he FORCED me to eat those two LARGE pieces!! Basically HALF of the pizza ... but it was whole wheat ... does that count?

Also, this means that I will be hit and miss on the Love Dare. I am gonna try for everyday. I just can't promise anything. I would do it right now, but I have to figure out where I packed the book ;)

In other news, Miss Sophie - my timid walker. The one who must be holding on to something or someone to take even one step, has broken all barriers between herself and freedom. She is walking free and easy. Oh, yeah ... let the adventure begin!!!!

Well, we have a wedding today. Yep, that is two weddings in a week and God allowed me to be here for both of them! There is no way I would have been able to share in Brittany's big day if it were not for already being here for Steven and Mindy. And, seeing as how I missed her 8th grade graduation, I am hoping that this makes up for it!!!! However, I am pretty sure that that 8th grade graduation was just last week, so there is NO WAY she could be old enough to get married!!! WOW!

Well, better skeedaddle! I will try to get back on later today for a Love Dare ... Sorry Kelly and Calista! I am hoping that you will find a way to forgive me!!!


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Becky said...

Yay for 1.5 lbs! Spluging once in a while is ok as long as you take an extra walk to compensate ;-)