Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Love Dare ...

*** We interrupt this Love Dare for Election Day ***

I hope that you will forgive me, but I cannot concentrate on the Love Dare today - so I am giving you the day off.

Seriously, I am on my face today in prayer for this nation. Hubby and I started our day off literally on our knees, face to the ground, crying out to God. I am feeling a sense of desperate need for His hand on this nation today.

This nation has the largest number of professed Christians in the world, and yet we go to the polls today to decide decide between the man who believes in the sanctity of life and marriage and the man who says he can save us, yet clearly puts no value in an unborn child and claims free will in marriage.

The Bible says that He will hear His people when they cry out to Him and humble themselves and pray. This is what we, as a nation of Christians, should be doing. Instead, I see so many worried about the dollar and their quality of life. Had we all, as a nation, been worrying about our dollars before hand, the country would not be in this mess. We have become materialistic to the point of putting ourselves in danger of losing it all in order to gain it all. And, yet, we have gained nothing and have already lost. Because the Bible also shows us what happens to a nation that bows to false gods and creates idols for itself. A man who claims to be the one who will bring us peace is a false god and I see sooooo many bowing to him. Putting yourself above your financial limitations to have the car, house, clothes, purse, etc... that you want is creating a false sense of security - and, in the end, a false god.

Sadly, we are in debt. Meaning we have fallen into the world's trap as well. We are not proud of this fact and have fallen to our knees before God in repentance and have begged His forgiveness. We are now trying desperately to follow His leading in getting of this pit we have created. But it will be Him - The Lord of Lords, our Heavenly Father, the King of Kings, Creator of the universe, Prince of Peace - who will save us from this pit. No president will save us.. No president will save you. Only ONE can bring the peace we crave, both as a nation and as individuals. Only One. Only Him.

Rise up and pray my friends.

And then go vote.

Father God, this nation claims You as our Lord - lift Your people up, Father God, and guide us as we vote today. Hold this nation in the palm of Your mighty hand. Lift our eyes and our hearts to You and You alone. Touch the hearts and minds of Your people today Father and let them not be fooled or blinded by anything.
Lift this nation, Lord. For only You can.
It is in the Mighty Name of Jesus that I pray.

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Becky said...

Another awesome post. The votes are in. Lets pray that this nation will fall on its knees in repentance so that His people can be restored.