Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day Off - Day Two

Guess what Love Dare'ers ... you get another day off. Why, you may ask ... Well, it would seem that wailing and gnashing of teeth can cause a migraine. Yep - got a whopper going on here. So, I am spent. I do promise that the Love Dare will be back tomorrow.

As far as the election ... Ouch!

I am heartbroken at the outcome, obviously. However, I know who is ultimately in control. And HIM, I trust more than any earthly man. I know that He is not in Heaven scratching His head wondering how this happened. Somehow it fits into His plan. So - begrudgingly, I admit - I will lift Obama up to Him. And know that that is all I can do.

My Faith Mama said it best. Please check out this post by my PBFF Beth Moore. Good golly, that woman is wise!!!

And now I feel like talking about something light and fun ...

Miss Sophie is 14 months old today. I can't stinkin' believe it! How did that happen?

She is the most laid back kid you could find - seriously. However, when she does get mad ... Look OUT!! She can scream with the best of them ... meaning Hattie:)

She is starting to walk. She CAN walk, she just doesn't KNOW she can walk. She holds on for dear life to anything she can get her hands on. But every once in a while, she forgets herself and starts walking. Like Sunday at church.

We were at Home group (the 'home" was occupied with out of town guests, so we met at the church this time), when she decided to show off. She had a pretty large audience, so why not!!! She walked from Daddy to me - and I was kinda far away - and then when she realized that everyone was watching she kept going. Suddenly she remembered herself and stopped and sat down. But, not before jumping. Oh, yes she did! My baby actually jumped up and then clapped and sat herself down and let the crowd cheer her on!

No, she's not like me at all!!!

(that was a joke!)

Yep, this girl ...

... is growing up.

These hands ...

... are discovering the world.

And these feet ...

... are walking!

Look out world!

3 of ya left some love:

Hannah said...

She is soooo cute!!!

Becky said...

Too cute! Why walk when she knows she can get everyone to carry her around. And jumping at 14 months! That girls got talent! LOL

Your ouch was heard around the world((cyberhugs)) I am praying too.

Fran said...

Your pix are always so beautiful!
She is simply adorable. Enjoy your time away!! Computer going?
I'll miss ya!