Saturday, November 1, 2008

KItty Cats, Bunnies and Prizes, Oh My - Plus A Fun Surprise!

Well, we had a great Halloween! Full of fun, candy, trick or treating and, yes, indeed, a miracle of sorts!

Our sweet Hattie, as most of you know, has a language delay. She is four and a half but her communication skills are more on the level of a two, or MAYBE, young three year old. OF course, she is perfect in our eyes, but at times it can be difficult. Well, the last few Halloweens have been a trial. I bought her a Sully costume when she was two because, at the time, Monsters, Inc. was her favorite movie. Well, she hated it. And, by that I mean, screamed and ran away in terror and, as a result, has hid behind the couch every time Monsters comes on the TV ever since. Yes, it WAS that bad.

So, for two years we have done last minute costumes, thrown together on the way out the door. Age three she was a scarecrow/cowgirl. We were going for scarecrow, but NO MAKEUP was going on her face (she doesn't like to be touched in the face or feet), so we switched it up to cowgirl. Last year - on Halloween day - we watched an episode of Dora in which Dora was a cat for Halloween. The light came on - I have cat ears (actually skunk ears, but don't tell H), she has black sweats and a black turtleneck, quick cut and sew with some felt and we have a tail... VOILA, instant cat. And she loved it. Still, no paint on the face, so no whiskers, and no talking at houses. Just holding out the pumpkin and waiting. Frustration...

But this year, ahhhhhh, this year. She has actually been excited for Halloween this year. We talked about it very early on and she told me right away that she wanted to be a cat. YES - she told me!!!!! We even went to the store and found some wings, I told her she could be a butterfly or a bee (her new fave movie is Bees), but she INSISTED (even amidst all things Princess and Backyardigans) that she wanted to be a cat. She even helped me make her tail this year.

And, if all of that was not enough ....

... she let me paint whiskers on her face!!!!!

May not seem like much to all of you, but to this mommy's heart, it is a MIRACLE!!!!! And, how cute is she?!?!?!?!

Sophie got her some whiskers too!! Cute little Bunny:)

Hattie had her Kitty tail (that she could not keep her hands off of!!)

Sophie had her bunny tail!!!

Which she promptly parked in the hay and corn husks in the yard!

And then we were off for trick or treating!

Sophie had fun. Sophie has fun ANY time she is in her Daddy's arms!

Hattie went to every door all by herself ... AND said "Trick or Treat" all by herself ... AND said "thank you" without prompting (she even said it in Spanish!!! Gracias!) Miracle number two!

Still can't keep her hands off of the tail ;)

And now, for your viewing pleasure ....

My favorite yard decoration (I took pics of many other Halloween decorations, but they were all blurry - guess the camera has been dropped one too many times!!)


And now for my fun surprise. I was going through my diet journal and I realized that I had made a mistake. (No, that is NOT the surprise.) I was kinda bummin' because I had only lost 5 pounds in 8 weeks. Five pounds is great, but it has been 8 weeks! But, my journal reminded me, I had lost 5 before the 3day, gained five that weekend and then had to catch back up. When I did catch up, I reset the scale so as not to confuse myself. Which, ya know, confused me. So I have lost five more SINCE I reset the scale.
Which means I have lost a total of ...

TEN POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!
Whoo! Hoo!!!!

PLUS, I found out from Christie, that I was one of the biggest losers this week ( a four way tie with three pounds), so I won me this handy dandy foam finger ... 'cause, I ROCK!!!!
Good times~~

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Becky said...

I am laughing so hard about hattie holding that tail. TOO CUTE! I n every pic LOL. Thats great that she has made so much measurable progress. ANd you too ... congrats on the weight loss :-D