Monday, October 27, 2008

Picture Perfect Monday - Hattie Grace

Four years ago this week a sweet little girl came to live at our house ...

(a day at the beach)
(splish splashin' in the mud!)
(9 Months old, her first trip to MI)
(Funny girl in the stroller - 2 yrs. old)
(crisp spring day at the beach - 3yrs. old)
(being silly at McD's while we wait for Grandma's airplane - 3 yrs. old)
(A Halloween fairy - 1yr. old)
(ARRGGHH - she's a pirate - 3 yrs. old)
(playin' with her Daddy - 4 yrs. old)
(Adoption Day - 2 yrs. old)

... and she stole our hearts away the very first moment.
We love you Hattie Grace!!!!

4 of ya left some love:

Meeghan said...

She is adorable. Love the McDonald's picture. Thanks for the comment. We are pretty excited.

Meeghan said...

Love the new layout and header festive

Kelly said...

I love the 1st Halloween pick. She so happy in all of the pictures. Praise God, she is with you and Steve, the best parents she could want.

j said...

Great photos of Hattie! Love the fairy costume one. She is one well-loved little girl...and oh so blessed to have you!