Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful On A Thursday

It's Thursday. I have a migraine. So, ya know, gonna make a list.

(but hey, I AM blogging ... 10 days straight. Feels good.)

So, continuing on with our 30 Days of Thanks theme, here are days 6-10)

6: I am thankful for technology. It may sound nerdy, but since I couldn't go to church on Sunday, I was VERY thankful that I could do church online and worship with my computer library!  LOVE!

7: I am thankful for my health. Honestly, who would have EVER thought I would be running multiple miles a day ... in my ever lovin FORTIES?!?!?!  Thank You LORD!

8: I am thankful for coffee. Do I need to say more? (cause that time change thang, it is harsh ... Benjamin Franklin is NOT on my happy list at the moment!)

9: I am thankful for allergy meds. Heaven only knows how bad my ears (and migraines) would be without them.  Also thankful for them for Sophie - poor baby may never know a clear nasal passage. SO inspired by the way she is still the happiest, most joy filled person I know. LOVE that kid!

10 TODAY, I am thankful for praying friends.  In particular the lovely women in my Thursday morning Bible study group who prayed me through THIS Thursday morning!  LOVE these women!

So, tell me, what are YOU thankful for?!

2 of ya left some love:

Kate said...

You. Life too, as crazy at it seems at times

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

#8 is calling my name as well. I LOVE coffee!!!

thanks for your sweet words on my blog post about my little Mercie girl. I am still just basking in the goodness of God and His mercy on my little Mercie...