Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday Morning Happy Place

Yesterday I was one day post migraine - and a double whammy migraine at that!  I also had both babies AND an extra child for a couple hours AND Hattie was home all day.  By the time everyone had left the house looked like it had imploded upon itself from the sheer weight of toys.

'Cause, oh sweet mercy, the toys they were a'plenty.

Add to that the fact that the kitchen had not gotten cleaned - really cleaned - all week and especially in the last few days.

And, can I just tell you, the load I had put in the washing machine on MONDAY, it was still in the washing machine.  Still.  And stinkin.  (luckily it was white towels and the bleach, it will be flowing)

So, all that being said, when it came to the end of the day yesterday, hubby and I just looked at each other and said "forget it ... it'll be here tomorrow".

And, sadly, we were right.

I walked out of the bedroom this morning to a GINORMOUS mess.

Now, I am never one to tackle a huge task (or, ya know, a task of any size) first thing in the morning, so the girls and I had a lazy start while daddy slept in and we watched a movie.  Through the movie I kept reminding them that we were going to have to do some big cleaning when it was over.

And, we did.  We emptied out the toy box and all inner containers and started afresh.  We sorted everything out, threw away some broken items and found a few things we had thought lost.  We then vacuumed, dusted and swept.  Hubbs joined the party by tidying up the kitchen and sorting things out there.

When it was all said and done - and the house resembled a HOUSE again - I started another movie for the girls.  Meanwhile (before cleaning the kitchen floor), daddy decided to make use of the rest of our apple orchard apples and bake a pie.  Sophie immediately abandoned us on the couch to help him.

Cause that girl is a fan of all things cooking.

a few minutes later I sat on the couch with Hattie and took in the moment:

Listening to Sophie baking with her daddy was like witnessing sunshine - her joy FILLED the room.  Random giggles, thank you daddy's and her busting out in self applause found it's way across the room to my ears ... and my heart.  The smells of cinnamon, nutmeg and apples exploding in flavor and yummy scent were icing on the cake.

Meanwhile, I sat on the comfy couch cuddled up with Hattie - who rested one hand in mine while her other arm encircled my shoulder with that hand caressing my face as we watched Barbie movies.  Both as relaxed as we could be.

Now, as the sweet aroma of baking pie fills the house we are ALL FOUR piled up on the couch. Hubby holds remote in hand flipping back and forth between multiple football games as Hattie snuggles into the his side and moves his arm to hold her tighter.  Sophie has curled up next to me and snuggled herself in so comfortably that she is now snoozing away, deep in slumber and snoring softly in my ear.

And, here, with the ones I love the most as close as can be, I have found my happy place.

If this particular moment in time never ends it will be more than OK with me.

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