Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Let's TWOG

***Well - haven't I just been on my little soap box lately!  I think it might be time to lighten things up around here!!!

So, today, I think I shall TWOG it ... that would be bloggin it twitter style!

Here we go!!!!!!***

Hubs was gonna clean the kitchen last night.  The sink still overflows.  As does my heart for this man.  And so, I shall forgive him......

Y'all, that is some mad serious love.

Today I am thankful for allergy meds.  Lord help my poor ears without it!

I admit I have already worn a Christmas T-shirt & watched Christmas movies.  But the Christmas commercials are already gettin old. Too soon people, much too soon.

coffee ... air ... coffee ... air ... coffee ... air ... coffee ... air ...

I think society, as a whole, owes Lindsay Lohan an apology.  I also think she needs a mama.  Perhaps Mrs Duggar?

The Compassion Ecuador trip blog posts are wrecking me.  WRECKING ME.  Lord Jesus, come.

When, as one walks across the kitchen floor, one loses a sock in the sticky, it may be time for one to mop said floor.  Or time for one to avoid that particular spot on said floor.

Veggie Tales: Rack, Shack & Benny ... yep. still good.

New House Requirement No. 432:  must have spot for comfy chair in corner where I can leave my Bible open and ready at all times.

Just played the word "sith" in words with friends. This move brought to you by Anakin Skywalker. (also, I had to google how to spell Anakin)

I could watch Sophie Lee dance  Girlfriend has some sweet moves.  She is currently doing the worm. To the Veggie Tales. Sweet.

We know what we have learned applies to our life today, God has a lot to say in His Book....

Listening to the rain and REALLY wishing I had gotten up this morning to run. Stupid belly ache.

sending Hubby cryptic text messages using emoticons and pictures. Trying to imagine his face as he tries to figure out the message! FUN!

Someone needs to scare the pinterest website server ... it has the hiccups ... again.

Sophie (4) is trying to play hide and seek with Alexis (15months). Very entertaining for me. Very fun for Alexis. Very frustrating for Sophie.

There is one stubborn rose on my bush out front. Stubborn enough to survive the frost and cold and go from bud to bloom while the other buds froze to death.

I love that God gives gifts of beauty to teach us strength and fortitude.

hypothetical house shopping (like on House Hunters) is much more fun than ACTUAL house hunting - especially when time & money rule out the ones I love most.

HGTV and DIY are starting to make me think I can turn a dive into a castle.  Hubby may have something to say about that. Since he will be doing the actual "turning into".

Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face. And the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.  Love classics.

Whatever happened to Charro?

I googled her ... she's fine.  Living in Hawaii. Or Vegas. Her website wasn't sure. And I have just revealed to the world wide web that yes, I AM a moron.

And "moron" is to be read in a Reba accent ... moe-RON.  Say it right y'all!  Say it right!

God is gonna rock my world with this James study ... I can already tell.  Mercy, it's good. MERCY! It.Is.GOOD.

Naptime ... nuff said.

Shhhhh ... do you hear that?  ME EITHER!  Isn't it GREAT?!

Hubby just texted back a smiley face.  I could judge, but hey .. HE TEXTED!  Never thought I would say THAT!

MAN, he is one cute fella.  I think I have a little crush on him.  SHould I tell him?

Seriously y'all ... God is good.  I really hope you KNOW that.  REALLY!

rainy days should be mandatory nap days.

I'm a little angry with Kate Middleton for this whole pantyhose resurgence.  Why Kate? WHY?!

(FYI - that one started quite the conversation on the actual Twitter ... one in which a total stranger told me I had no class and to call the "wah-mbulance".  Cause, ya know, calling out a total stranger on THEIR class says SO much about your own!!! LOL!)

I need Mexican food. Yes, yes I did say NEED.

I am reading Ann Voskamp's "1000 Gifts" - it is TOTALLY redefining gratitude, grace and joy for me. SO good.

(OK, seriously, Candace Cameron Bure (DJ from Full House) just joined in the conversation about the pantyhose ... Y'all!!!!  She re-tweeted my tweet. WHA?!?!?!?!?)

Why does watching Biggest Loser make me want to eat? It is all I can do to NOT head to the fridge right now!

SO thankful for good friends! So Blessed!

Also thankful for laughter - especially the spray water across the room, lost the ability to breathe, just cannot quit and , yes, even snort variety.  Love it!

Soph woke up grumpy. Alexis did too. Hattie had a rough day at school. NO one here is happy right now. I may need chocolate.  And possibly a margarita.

Net to the flix to the rescue.  We may just survive the day.

Hubby just texted me a picture of flowers.  Glad he loves me.

SOMEONE here needs to start dinner.  Guess since I'm the only one who can reach the dials on the stove it's up to me.  ***sigh***

Good worship music is the best pick me up EVER.  God is so ... SO ... so faithful.

*** so, there ya go ... a day in the life. I kinda like to TWOG! Maybe we'll do it again sometime!***

2 of ya left some love:

Groovewoman said...

I heart this idea and may even use it. I think I heart the 'laughter' part more, because I was part of it! :D

I just wish I had this much to say on Twitter in a day and was as funny as you are! **sigh**

j said...

I love the TWOG...your wit, humor, insight and attitude is a refreshing blessing. TWOG on RS!