Friday, November 11, 2011


In honor of this once in a lifetime date (which totally cracks me up, cause ummmm, hello, 11.12.11 is only gonna happen once too, but where is everyone rushing to have their wedding and/or baby on THAT day?!), I thought I would tell you eleven things about me.

Oh ... wait ... three of you just left.

Totally understandable.

For the rest of you (HI MOMMY!!!), here we go!

1. I was a high school cheerleader ... when I was FOUR YEARS OLD!  Yep. My babysitter's daughter was on the cheer squad and they decided they needed a mascot.  I won!  Went they all ran out on the basketball court between quarters to do their cartwheels and flips, I took a wee pillow out there and stood on my head.  Kinda.  Only one foot up in the air.

Y'all ... I was FULL of the cheerleading skill.

2. In school, when we did those presidential fitness exams and we had to do the laps around the football field, I PAYED people to walk with me so I a) would NOT have to run and b) would not be walking in last by myself.

And now, at the ripe old age of 43, I actually crave running.  CRAVE it. Like, am lost without it.

3. I am slightly (read: out of my ever lovin MIND) excited about the new Muppet Movie!  Cause, y'all, I am a Muppet FREAK!  I have every one of their movies on DVD and the girls and I watch them all the time.

4. When I was little, we had the soundtrack of the original movie ... on 8 track.  Yes we did!

'Cause how else were we supposed to listen to it ... on the BOAT?!

(yeah, you know you wanted to be as cool as we were with 8 track players in our house, our car AND our boat ... Mm Hm ... yesiree!)

5. When I was little I wanted to be Laura Ingalls.  I made my mom make me a dress and bonnet so I could be her for Halloween.

6. A few years later it was Barbara Mandrell.  Loved her then and still do - what an amazing Christian woman.  My mom and I went to Nashville to see her very last concert ever. One of my very best memories ever.  We had a blast!

7. I have been to Hawaii three times - once for my senior trip after high school (yes, I was that spoiled - but to be fair, I didn't get the lettermen's jacket or any of that junk, so....), once with an old room mate and once with my grandma - we went on a cruise around the islands.  I learned to play the ukulele and to hula and I went para-sailing.  EPIC!

8. I am obsessed with grape tootsie roll pops.  I enjoy raspberry, cherry, chocolate and chocolate, but I am in LOVE with the grape.  In.LOVE.  To the point that when Hubby brought home the Halloween candy to pass out I was very tempted to have a hissy fit that it was not the tootsie roll mix.  Also, I begged borrowed and stole (yes, I did - head hung low) to get a grand total of six this year.

Well, seven if you count the one that Amanda brought me on Monday.

Have I mentioned that Amanda is my favorite?

9. I have recently learned of the existence of a Christmas tootsie roll pop ... it's peppermint.  I.must.find.this.  Seriously. I need to try this ... especially if it, in any way, resembles the taste of peppermint mocha coffee.

10. Coffee is my friend.

for realz.

And it's your friend too if you need me to function too early in the morning.

for really, REALLY realz.

11. I am BEYOND proud to be an American and am sooooo thankful for every single person who has ever served our country.

Especially THIS one.

SO proud of my handsome veteran!

OK, your turn!


4 of ya left some love:

Paige said...

So glad to know you better, Becky Jo! Try not to be jealous, but I've HAD a peppermint tootsie roll pop. And, it was, of course, delicious!
btw - going pantyhose shopping tomorrow!

Mary Beth said...

I also love Tootsie pops, but I have to say that peppermint sounds icky...chocolate and mint just ain't right!

Love this post of fun Becky Jo facts! :)

Bunny said...

#5 - Don't forget that we read all of the books!
#6 - Didn't you have a Barbara Mandrell 8 track tape? Or would that have been the Carpenters? 'Member them?

beckyjomama said...

Bunny! Dern, I was TOTALLY going to tell how you would come over at bedtime to listen to the books! And we had Barbara on RECORD, it was Olivia Newton John on 8 track! Probably the Carpenters too ... and their Christmas record? Still one of the best EVER!
Mary Beth, peppermint and chocolate together is AH-MA-ZING! Seriously, you have no idea! Getcha some!
Paige - I love you dearly ... still skeered of the hose thing, but love YOU so will attempt it!