Monday, December 1, 2008

Picture Perfect Monday - The Wedding

So, I was hoping that if I waited long enough to post these, the newlyweds would have sent GOOD pictures to post!

I was wrong ...

So, all I have for you are these, taken with our camera, that has been dropped too many times, in a dimly lit room.

I soooooo wish I had had the camera handy at the actual wedding. I had such a sweet view of Mindy, over Steven's shoulder, gazing at him with her beautiful, teary eyes! THOSE pics would have been sah-weet!

Instead you get these:

The Grand Entrance (to the Star Wars Imperial March theme!!)

This is totally blurry (stinkin' camera) but it is so sweet of the Groom lovin' on his baby sister!
Trinity Joy (age 8) caught the bouquet!
My little Bro, Danny, dancing with his sweet niece Hattie Grace.
Savannah Rose - she is in those tween years where she just wants us all to go away!
The cake - yes, they were polite (Thank You Lord!)
My beautimous sister in love, Andrea - Danny's wife, Trinity's mom)
Hattie and Chocolate - a match made in Heaven!
Son #2, Chris (AKA Kissy) and his lovely girlfriend Shannon (She's a sweetheart!)
Puttin' the backsides in for the Hokey Pokey!

And, there ya have it ... I am ashamed.

Stinky camera!


2 of ya left some love:

Kelly said...

Hattie looks like a big girl in the chocolate pic. Thanks for sharing I was wondering if I was gonna have to beg for wedding pics.

Meeghan said...

I love the new header. The wedding looks like fun. I have enjoyed the love dare so much. I am a little behind, but am catching up and look forward to each new post.