Sunday, November 30, 2008

Love Dare - Day 34: Love Celebrates Godliness

Can you believe that we only have 6 more days? I know, you're thinking that if we had not taken so many days off for the election, my traveling, weddings, etc.. , we would be DONE BY NOW! I am feeling a bit guilty over all of that still, but I have repented and seen the errors of my ways - why else would I have gotten up at the miserable hour of 5:30 just so I could get this out there before church?

By the way, can someone PLEASE tell me WHY we signed up for coffee ministry FIRST SERVICE?!?!?! That is just wrong and cruel on soooooooooo many levels. Because not only do we have to get up, but we have to get our children up before they are ready. Note to self ... second service is your friend!

Anyway, on to today ....

"(Love) does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the Truth." -1Corinthians 13:6

What makes you the most proud when you look at your spouse? Is it the fact that he has trophies in bowling and golf, or the fact that he gets up at 5:30AM to serve coffee at church without grumbling? Is it that she can serve a home cooked meal, perfectly timed for your arrival from work, after spending a day caring for children and their every need, or the fact that she does it all knowing that she will not even get a bite until after her Women's Ministry meeting at church? Do you take pride in what they do for the world's eyes, or in what they do for God's heart?

When our spouse is close to God it leads us closer still as well. And, not just us, but our family tool. I watch my hubby pray with and over our children and, seriously, he is never more attractive to me. I hear him pray for all of us before he leaves for work in the morning and it honestly makes my day go smoother - because I know that our safety and well being has been layed at the alter. I love my man for many reasons, but his love for God is the biggest reason of all.

We were lucky in that we found each other a little later in life (I was 34, he was 44 when we got married). Lucky, because we were both firmly based in our faith and that allowed us to bring that firm foundation into our marriage. He was not as lucky the first time. And early on in our relationship, I asked him how, after being so badly hurt before, he knew he could trust again. He answered that he knew my heart and believed my faith would never let me do that sort of thing. So, I am Blessed in knowing that MY love for God is one of the things that attracted him to me.

When we are one in our faith and in our walk, it is like a triangle (I sooooo wish I had a picture for this ...) -


Husband .................. Wife

The closer we each grow to God, the closer we grow to each other. I wish I could put arrows in there to show you what I mean ... use your imagination. Just growing in our faith, grows us as a couple... How amazingly beautiful is that?!?

The Bible says that we should "rejoice" in what pleases God. And what pleases Him more than the faith of His children and the love for others that is shown through that faith? I believe that it causes Him to smile and sing over our lives. And when our faith in Him is strong it gives us strength to face any trial. We should be celebrating over every triumph in our spouse's life, but none more than the growth in their relationship - and the fruit of that relationship - with God.

Find a specific, recent example when your spouse demonstrated Christian Character in a noticeable way. Verbally commend them for this at some point today.

Be happy for any success your spouse enjoys. But rejoice even more so when they are worshiping God with their lives and actions.

I am praying for you!!! See ya tomorrow!

2 of ya left some love:

j said...

Love the new BLOG look! Great colors, very festive....beautiful photos of the girls and the nativity (can't wait to see that Christmas photo!)You rock RS!

Missed you at church today (second service). Thanks for serving and taking on the coffee ministry for today. I know it isn't always convenient (especially with kids- been there!) But, I am thankful it is only once a year- and that we are helping to fulfill a greater purpose in doing so. SO, Thank you so much for your precious time and your service today Beverly's!!!!

Kelly said...

I also love the new look. Pictures of the girls with baby Jesus is great. Is this in your yard? Good job keepin up with the Love Dare.