Friday, December 5, 2008

Hot For The Holidays - Finale!

Hot for the Holidays

Well, this is the last week of Hot For The Holidays, and I am a little bit sad.

For one thing, I am not "hot" yet ... (*sigh*)

And, for another thing, I really need the accountability! And the encouragement! And the comments from all sorts of people who tell me "good job" and "you can do it!" ...

Just keepin' it real!

Anyhoo, we were supposed to post before and after photos.




OK, I didn't KNOW we were gonna have to do them! Had I know, I would have taken "before" photos and would have set my alarm to give me enough time this morning to make myself purty for an after shot.

Oh, OK, I did know in time to do an after shot, but, as I said, I am not hot yet! So that will have to wait! But here is a preview of what I am going for ...

Yeah, like that will happen!

Anyway, here is the total ...

This week I lost 1 pound exactly! Which makes a total of 15.8 - we'll just call it 16!

Now, normally, I would be a little sad about only 16 pounds in 10 weeks. But, considering the breast cancer 3day 5 POUND GAIN, the food centered vacation and, hello - Thanksgiving, I will take what I can get!

So, thank you's to all of you encourager's out there! And, keep on me until I am HOT!

3 of ya left some love:

Rebecca Jo said...

That model creeps me out... that's TOO thin!!!!

Honey Mommy said...

Those two skinny Minnie's up there look a bit yucky! You don't need to look like that to be hot!

Congrats on the 16 pounds! That is SUPER awesome! Keep it up and you will be hot for sure.

calista said...

Great job!! In my best Peter Cetara voice, 'You're the Inspiration",,,,,,,,,,