Thursday, January 16, 2014


Today has been a frustrating day. Not gonna lie.

My goal was to get up early, have my time with Him and get in my workout.  I know Thursdays around here are crazy, so I know it's best to get 'er done as early as possible.  So, my buddy Jane and I agreed to a texting date/wake up call at 4:30.

yes ... in the AM.  I know.

I slept through THREE alarms and Jane slept through one. Neither of us got up early. So, with no time with my Jesus and no workout, I hit the floor running. The morning went OK - got to spend it with my Thursday Morning Bible Study Girls ... MAN, they bless me! And I had made arrangements with the hubbster to get a run in between his work and his duties at church tonight. But it snowed and there was not any time allowed in his break.

I decided to do a HIIT on the stairs (20 minutes total - 10 rounds of one minute full on/one minute rest), but on the first trip up I felt a major pop in my knee. Literally took my breath away and left me in tears. So much so that Sophie came running and decided she was gonna tuck me into bed. How sweet is she? I knew I needed ice though, so I got THEM in bed and came down to get some.

Which means I now have to get myself back UP the steps.


Anyhoo ... I sat down to FINALLY do my daily devotional (Beth Moore's Whispers of Hope ... Y'all. Getcha some. for real.). Today she wrote on Jeremiah 18, when they Lord told Jeremiah that he wanted to rebuild His people (like clay in His hands) and they basically said "yeah ... don't bother".

Ummmm ... WHAT?!?!?!?!  Who does that?

So easy to judge, but the truth is ... maybe I do that.

Maybe, by not believing in myself in this process, I am really not trusting HIM to take me through this process.


The last paragraph of the devo today:

"Can you imagine becoming a newly formed vessel in God's hand? A sacred and useful vessel? Have parts of you been marred for so long that you can't imagine how He could ever reshape you? Does the process seem to lengthy? Does it require too much cooperation? Do you sometimes thing, It's no use? Sometimes we can see folly in others that we cannot see in ourselves. Didn't we wonder how Israel could make such a poor choice when they were given another chance? How could they have been such cracked pots? To say "it's no use" is to say the Potter is not qualified to do what He does best. Take your chances on God. Put your life in His hands. Newness doesn't come from faith in yourself, it comes from faith in Him."

And, if you need me I'm just gonna be over in the corner, face down, hands in the air, giving praise to my Potter and praying for forgiveness for EVER doubting His hands.

He is SO faithful.

And, just this morning we were talking about seeing the power of God in our lives. Lord, open our eyes to your hand. Mold us. Shape us. REDEEM us.

Make me new Lord. I am broken. I am marred. I am imperfect and incomplete ... but God.

but GOD!

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Jennifer-Mommy Life After Ph.D. said...

Love it Becky Jo! Hope the leg feels better!