Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 ... Pictures ... Week 2

This was the week of the great freeze. And the great dig out of all. the. snow!!!!

Monday ... our neighbor? Yeah, he is quite a guy. He's probably in his late 70's or so, rides a Harley and takes care of his snow packed drive and walks with this bad boy ...

Yeah ... also, please note that he is NOT wearing a jacket. Y'all, the tems were in the single digits with some crazy windchill factors happening.

I have no idea how he does it!!!

Tuesday ... THIS is how cold it was
The girls are playing with ice on the INSIDE of our windows - our double paned, well insulated windows that are above a heat register and next to a fireplace.

Yeah ... cold.

Wednesday ... Another snow day.  They had not been to school in almost 3 weeks at this point. They were a little stir crazy at this point...
... which may or may not explain the yoga on top of the coffee table.  Not really sure.

Thursday ... FINALLY the girls are back to school and Joccee has the house to herself again. So, ya know, she did the only natural thing to do...
... she set herself up a makeshift drive in theater and watched Sesame Street from the comfort of her car.

Ya know, since Soph wasn't around to push her in circles around the kitchen (battery is deader than a door nail!). 

So ... how was YOUR week???

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