Tuesday, January 14, 2014

90 Days (and the rest of my life) To Go ... (Part Two)

Let's see ... where did we leave off yesterday ...?

Ahhh ... Round Two of the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge.

I was bound and determined to finish it this time. All 90 days. Just, ya know, get 'er done.

But that voice.

The one that kept telling me it was never gonna work.

The one that told me to eat the cookie anyway.

So I started the challenge, but my commitment level lost steam quick. It was September, things were crazy - the girls were back in school, schedules were all over the place, yada yada yada ...

By about day 20 I knew this was not gonna fly.

So I started it AGAIN with a friend from the facebook group.

And there was a group that started a diet bet thing for the month of October - you pay in $25 and have so much time (one month in this case) to lose a certain percentage (4%) of your weight.  And, I KNOW that this was not my best decision, but, well ... there ya go. I determined (based on prior experience) that I would lose weight faster if I help back on the workouts and got stupid strict with my food.  So, basically I crash dieted and hardly did any workouts at all through the bet ... and lost my 4%!  Oh yay.

Then, of course, the holidays started ... with the food, the parties, the commitments, the COOKIES!

And the germs.  Dadgum, stupid germs.

Between it all I ended up pretty much taking the holidays off. I got in a run here and there (oh how I love to run), did a random workout, etc... But I in NO way kept up with my vow to get healthy.

And, let me tell ya, my waist line and jeans told the tale.

Oh, I was still wearing the smaller size of pants, but they did NOT fit the same way.

But, I learned something in those months. I learned that I am an all or nothin kinda girl. I am not a "take a break" kinda girl. I am the kind of girl that has to follow a plan at all times. Cause breaks for me are NOT a good idea.

Now, I am also not a never ever have another treat in your whole life, til Jesus returns, kinda girl either.  THAT is just not gonna happen. Cause, ya know, have I mentioned the cookies?  I like me some cookies. I surely do.

No, I am the kinda girl who needs a plan ... and who needs that plan to include the occasional cookie.

Just keepin it real y'all...

Now ... we just gotta figure out what that looks like....

And, so, the journey begins.  Just 81 days (and the rest of my life) to go.  Feel free to tag along, won't you!?

2 of ya left some love:

Jennifer-Mommy Life After Ph.D. said...

I am an all or nothin' kind of girl too! I do 5-6 days on clean eating, then one day (sometimes just one meal) off. It's been working and I can't wait to get all the weight off just in time for that spring wardrobe change!

beckyjomama said...

That is a great plan. I try to have at least one cheat meal a week too - sometimes a whole day, but not too crazy. But I give myself a tiny treat a day (like ONE piece of candy or one cookie) as long as I can keep it to one.
In November and December, one was not in my vocabulary!