Friday, February 27, 2009

Random Randomnimity, With a Little Randomness Thrown In

So, I have had an emotional week. Not gonna lie, I let it get to me. I forgot for a few brief moments that my God is in control. NOT GOOD!!!! But, fear not, I am back.

Back to the One who never left!

However, I am tired so I am just gonna break it down in list form ...

** We did NOT get the house. This little roller coaster has been the main source of my moodiness this week. Last Friday we learned that there was another applicant so we made some changes to our offer and waited. Saturday we learned we did not get it. Sunday we learned that they changed their minds and wanted to meet us. We met the husband on Mon. and it went well (we thought) and were supposed to hear by the end of the day. On THURSDAY we learned that they changed their minds AGAIN and gave it to the other applicant. Honestly, I am happy it is over and KNOW that My God has a bigger, better plan for us! BRING IT ON!

** Hattie turned 5 on Tuesday! YIKES!!! My baby girl is growing up! She chose McD's for her b-day dinner and - attended said dinner in a crown and pink feather boa! She KNEW that she was all that and a bag of chips! LOVE that girl!!!

** We are trying to come up with a plan for Hattie next year. She is just not ready for Kindergarten and we do not want to set her up to fail, so we are looking at a more intensive PreK program where she will have a shadow that takes her for visits to the K class to get her ready. They will also work at pushing her through her barriers. We also want to start her on some new therapies, but will need some funding from the state of AZ to pay for them. They are insisting on a diagnosis to provide the aid. So, next month we will be taking steps to do whatever it takes to get a name. We have seen a neurologist who did NOT diagnosis it as autism, and we agree. But we have to give it SOME kind of name so we will be diving in.

** I stepped on the scale this morning for the first time in a long time. NOT GOOD!!!!!!! I have officially gained back all of the weight I lost over the holidays.


Hello tread mill, do you remember me?

** We are doing the new Beth Moore Bible study of Esther at church. Ummm, it kinda rocks!

** OK, it REALLY rocks! As in rocks my world kinda rocks!

** My hubby is a wonderful man who knows how to take care of his girl! In my emotional state this week he has let me become a chick flick-a-holic.

** My FAVORITE Chick Flick, You've Got Mail, has become a staple in our house this week.

** My hair is getting obnoxiously long, to the point that the curling iron is looming in my future.

** My man, the one who knows how to take care of his woman, has decided that he likes the Meg Ryan You've Got Mail hair do. So, tomorrow, when I go to get my hair cut ... this is what I will be getting:

Hello sweet hair cut (that requires no curling iron AT ALL)! Come to Mama!

** Hattie woke up sick this morning. And now she is watching Sesame Street, bouncing and dancing on the couch.

** I think she just wanted out of going to school.

** She is gonna be a fun teenager :)

** Hope Jesus comes back before then ...

That is all for now! Hope you all are having a fabulous week.

Be Blessed!

5 of ya left some love:

Kelli said...

Sorry to hear about the house. God has something else planned for you and I'm glad you are back to focusing on him.

Still not a fun rollercoaster. Stay strong!

Rebecca Jo said...

Sounds like a crazy roller coaster!! Glad you see the house as God moving you to what He wants... great attitude!!!

Love the pink boa for birthday dinners... we should ALL wear them at EVERY dinner!!!

And friend - ugh... emotion + eating = THIS REBECCA JO too!!!

Meeghan said...

What program is Hattie in now? I am a preschool Spec ed teacher (ECDD) and would love to chat or offer ideas for next year. I am always curious what other districts are doing. email me (if you want)

thanks, Meeghan

Alana said...

Hey there! Thanks for your sweet comment!

I do love a good random post and this one was fun to read!

So sorry about the house, I am sure, though, that God has something even more fantastic in store!

I'm totally with you on the emotional eating. I've been struggling with this as well lately. I've got to get back to the root of it and DEAL.

LuAnn said...

Soooo sorry about that house. I loved that house and only saw the pictures. You are so right - God has a different plan.
Please put a picture of your new du up. Can't wait to see it.

God's blessings to you!!!!