Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dear Miss Boo

Today you are five years old. It hardly seems possible to me that you could be this big. But then it hardly seems possible to me that I could be the mommy of such a brilliant, fun loving, lovable, funny, creative, smart, generous and kind hearted girl either.

I want you to know how VERY much I love being your mommy. Somedays I wonder how and why God chose me to raise you, I truly feel you deserve so very much more than I have to give. But I hope you can tell that I give you my all. You are such an overwhelming Blessing to me. I love you in ways that even I cannot comprehend.

I watch you grow and learn try new things and I am so very proud of you. You have challenges that not every child has, but you are brave and strong and so true to who you are. I wish more than anything that I could make life easier for you, but you, my sweet girl, I would never change for anything in this world. You are exactly who God created you to be and to watch you grow to meet and brave each new day is a wonderful thing to see. I am so very proud of the way that you work so hard to learn new things and to share your heart. You are the very best five year old girl I know! I love you soooooooo stinkin much!

I am gonna write this down so you and I can both remember who you were when you turned five years old:

You love to be outdoors...

... even when it is only 5 degrees out there, that is where your heart is!

You are becoming a little fashion diva ...
... with very strong opinions about what you wear. (You were not happy to wear this new shirt with jeans and not the legging capri's that it came with, but I had to pull the mommy card ... 9 degrees, remember!!??!!)

You love animals, all kinds of animals, but ESPECIALLY sea creatures. You are also so very smart and can name just about every animal (even some I didn't know!!) and what sounds they make. I love to watch you read your animal books and try to learn new things.

You love to learn new things and explore. Just this morning you were watching a show about spiders and you were anxious to tell me all about them ...
... especially their sticky webs. Mommy though it was a little gross, but you were loving it!

You really enjoy school and are excited to get up and ready every morning.

You like pizza, hot dogs, peanut butter, cheese adn crackers, bread, pop tarts, blueberry bars, bananas, Skittles and fruit snacks. You also enjoy a good milkshake ... especially from McDonald's!!!

You love to ride in the car and see the world. You would sit there all day just to look around and see new things. I love that you are such an easy traveler. You also love airplanes, which makes trips to AZ sooo much easier!!

You love to be a princess and get dressed up pretty, but you also love to get dirty and muddy.

You want to splash in every puddle, play in the sand, dig in the mud and roll in the grass.

You like snow angels and snow men and sliding down snowy hills on the disc Daddy bought you.

You do NOT like haircuts, bed time, veggies, hamburgers or water on your face in the bathtub.

You love Dora, Backyardigans, Diego, Wonderpets, Olivia and Sid the Science Kid.

You also love Lightning McQueen, Horton the elephant, Barry The Bee, Ariel the Mermaid, Cinderella, Lady and the Tramp and your forever bouncy friend Tigger!

You would spend all day in the bathtub if we let you, as long as we weren't washing your hair.

You can eat your weight in ritz crackers or tortilla chips - especially if you have salsa to dip them in!

A little Ranch dip makes everything - especially chicken dinos - that much better.

You are fiercely protective of your little sister and would do whatever it takes to protect her ... as long as she doesn't touch your toys.

You think your daddy hung the moon and would rather be on his lap than anywhere in the world.

You have recently started saying your own little prayers at lunch time - makes me cry!!!

You have your baby Bible memorized word for word and can now read it to me!!
ou love to go to Grandma and Grandpa B's house - and you know exactly where they hide the animal crackers!

You LOVE your Uncle Danny (and he loves you!!!)

You Think that Mindy is a princess since you saw her in her wedding dress (and now every bride you see is Mindy!) and could not stop staring at her through the whole wedding!

You are head over hills for your big brothers.

You want a puppy more than you want your next breath.

You would rather eat icing than cake.

You would rather eat chips than either icing or cake!

You hate having your picture taken, but you love to say cheese - go figure that one out!!!

Did I mention that you love being outside? 'Cause, yeah ...
... you REALLY do!!!

You are every prayer that Daddy and I ever said, for the little girl we wanted, answered. You are the light of our lives and we simply ADORE you and always will!!!!!

The first time I held you in my arms, I knew you were created to be my little girl ... And I am so thankful to God for creating me to be your mommy!

I love you ... more every day ... since the first moment that I saw you ... forever and ever.

Happy Birthday my Hattie Grace!!!



PS - no, you cannot wear your tiara to school ... but you CAN wear it to dinner tonight!

6 of ya left some love:

Rebecca Jo said...

She sounds like an amazing daughter!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And be sure to take a picture of the tiara-clad birthday girl!!

Kelli said...

Happy Birthday Hattie! I hope you have an amazing day!

Becky said...

That was a lovely tribute and a great way to remember everything about her. What a fun loving free spirit. :-D Happy Birthday!

j said...

Happy 5th Birthday Hattie...we love you and are proud of your growth and the little girl you are becoming...we look forward to see what the Wonderful Year of "5" will bring you! All things fabulous I pray!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

What a precious little girl and a great way to remember this wonderful 5th birthday. The years pass so quickly. Hug them babies every day!!!

In Him,

calista said...

So sweet! It's hard to believe they grow up sooo fast. My little Elly will be 5 NEXT Tuesday!I've already been holdin' her a little closer. I had a tear in my eye yesterday and she said "that's because I'm growin up so fast isn't it?" I said yes! Not really though my knee was just hurting again...heehee, but it may as well be for her, because so often it is, and next week I'll be crying like a baby!