Friday, September 19, 2008

Hot For The Holidays - week 2

Hot for the Holidays

OK, I was down another pound yesterday ... and then yesterday happened.

Put simply, yesterday was the single worst day in my parenting experience, and it did not end til 5:03 this morning when Sophie FINALLY fell asleep.

It is a well proven fact that I am an emotional eater, so yesterday was a baaaaaaadddddd diet day. We had made oatmeal raisin cookies this week (wheat flour and Splenda people, a girl's best friend!!! Of course, there IS the 2 sticks of butter!) and I had been resisting fairly well, but by 8pm last night, they were all but gone. And then they just kept disappearing. Hmmmm, wonder how that happens?

So, I am only down .5 from last week, making 2.9 total. Not great, but doable.

And the cookies ARE gone now - temptation bye-bye!

There ya go!

Any suggestions? Ideas? Anything? Bueller?

4 of ya left some love:

Rebekah said...

I"m not much of a diet-er but Ben and I do try to keep things healthy around here. We don't buy cookies, ice cream, cake, etc. because we'd eat them all in a sitting :). I'm sure with kids you have to have those things on hand, but here's a nice alternative for mama: Balance Bars. They are super yummy with all sorts of chocolate, caramel, and cookie dough varieties. The beauty is that they are only 140 calories and they are PACKED with protein - 10-14g. I use them as meal replacement, but sometimes when I get the itch...I go snag one. They are really good and satisfy the need for sweet! Try 'em out!

Honey Mommy said...

I am such an emotional eater too! I have to get rid of all the junk in the house, or I will find myself eating it!

I think you are doing a good job. Keep it up!

Fran said...

I'm going to check out the Balance Bars that were mentioned by Rebekah! Sound pretty good. I also walk as often as I can during the week...did you mention that??

Good luck honey. I know it stinks.
Hang in there..

Christie O. said...

hey that still works, good job! i am an emotional eater too, i've really had to replace eating with something else like blogging, or exercising, or shopping. whatever it is, i have to keep myself busy. i'm sorry you had a bad parenting day! i know all about those lately!!