Thursday, September 18, 2008

Caution - she's cooking

So, the other day I was making dinner. Yes, me!! And, in an effort to live up to my title of "homemaker" and/or Domestic Diva (as my man likes to call me), I thought I would do it all from scratch and go for something complicated. Something like, oh ... ya know, spaghetti. And, if that were not fancy enough for ya, I went for the whole baked spaghetti thing. And then I thought I would put it all in the crock pot and add some chicken and call it a very (VERY!!!!) non-traditional version of chicken parmesean. How very domestic of me huh?!?!?!

And, in this endeavor, I began to let my mind wander and came up with this:

Suppose that a person were making crock-pot-baked-spaghetti-chicken-parmesean-wanna-be-dinner, ya know, HYPOTHETICALLY. And suppose that person, hypothetically, decided that partially cooking the noodles on the stove top was a good idea so that they would, indeed, be DONE by dinner time.

Now, if supposed person were cooking on a gas stove with, ya know, flames and stuff, and the uncooked spaghetti noodles got away from her and fell down into the flames .... Hypothetically, do you think that the noodles would actually ignite?

AND, if the supposed noodles where, oh let's just say whole wheat noodles, do you think - hypothetically - that said supposed whole-wheat-and-ON-FIRE-noodles would stink?

AND, if supposed flaming noodles DID stink, do you suppose that, hypothetically, the smell would linger and, thus, ruin the aromatic loveliness of said crock-pot-baked-spaghetti-chicken-parmesean-wanna-be-dinner? So much so that when said domestic diva's hubby came home he would, maybe, have a very strange expression on his face, followed by actual fear when he realized that the smell emanating from the stove area was, in fact, a meal he would be expected to ingest? Hypothetically speaking, do ya think that that would be, at all, a plausible chain of events?

Not that anything like that would ever happen here.

I'm just askin'.

Ya know, hypothetically.

7 of ya left some love:

Rachel said...

Roflol, you are to funny! I hope it was a pleasing meal after all that :)

Teri~Facedown said...

I totally made chicken parm yesterday...although, I used the old fashioned is called an oven. Also, I didn't use whole wheat pasta...just plain old regular stuff. I am not sure if it smells bad if it burns because I didn't burn any.

Going to eat some leftovers now!

Kelli said...

Sounds plausible to me, but then again, I have never claimed nor aspired to be a domestic diva.

j said...

You're too cute :) Bravo for trying! What a good wife. The question is...Did "just steve" eat it, and did he ask for seconds?

You and Nate Dexter need to get together with your creative recipe ideas!

Kelly said...

A for effort and doing so with two little ones around.

Becky said...

It sounds like a good meal...hypothetically... except for the stinky part :-p When ever I make eggs my hubs inevitably says, "phew... Did you fart?"


The B's said...

One time I though that noodles added to my crockpot broth from a beef roast would be good. Can you say glue.